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None Finance Questions

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None Finance
What is principal?
  1. total amount borrowed
  2. interest earned
  3. service fees
  4. finance charges
None Finance
Buying on the internet has opened new avenues for criminals to steal                        .
  1. bank statements
  2. credit card information
  3. social security checks
  4. billing information
None Finance
The                is expressed as a percentage.
  1. credit rate
  2. economy rate
  3. interest rate
  4. credit score
None Finance
What is the simple interest formula?
  1. I=P+R*T
  2. I=P*R*T
  3. I=R*T/P
  4. I=T+P+R
None Finance
Which is not a cause of bankruptcy?
  1. children
  2. failure to budget
  3. job loss
  4. emotional spending
None Finance
                 is the part of the purchase paid in cash upfront.
  1. collateral
  2. down payment
  3. earnest money
  4. good faith money
None Finance
Which is not an advantage of credit?
  1. provide emergency funds
  2. raise standard of living
  3. increase credit score
  4. expand purchasing potential
None Finance
which is not a major credit reporting agency?
  1. United
  2. Equifax
  3. Experian
  4. TransUnion
None Finance
Which is not used in determining credit worthiness?
  1. capital
  2. conditions
  3. character
  4. circumstances
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