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Continuing Education Chemistry Questions

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Continuing Education Macromolecules
In general, phenols are                              .
  1. weak acids
  2. strong acids
  3. weak bases
  4. strong bases
  5. some are bases and some acids
Continuing Education Macromolecules
Continuing Education Macromolecules
What is the most abundant element in the human body?
  1. Oxygen
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Carbon
  4. Phosphorus
Continuing Education Macromolecules
Continuing Education Biochemical Pathways
Continuing Education Macromolecules
The general formula R-O-R' represents                .
  1. an alcohol
  2. an aldehyde
  3. an ether
  4. a ketone
  5. a hemiacetal
Continuing Education Macromolecules
Molecules having the same molecule formula but different structural formulas are                                     .
  1. said to be identical
  2. said to be branched
  3. said to be optical isomers
  4. said to be "cis" and "trans" isomers
  5. none of the above
Continuing Education Biochemical Pathways
Oxidation is                                                    .
  1. the removal of hydrogen or the addition of oxygen
  2. the removal of oxygen or the addition of hydrogen
  3. the removal of oxygen and the removal of hydrogen
  4. the addition of oxygen and the addition of hydrogen
  5. the gain of electrons
Continuing Education Macromolecules
Proteins are                        made of amino acid                       .
  1. monomers; polymers
  2. polymers; polypeptides
  3. polymers; monomers
  4. monomers; molecules
Continuing Education Macromolecules
Continuing Education Macromolecules
[math](CH_2O)_n[/math] is the molecular formula for which type of macromolecules?
  1. Proteins
  2. Lipids
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Nucleic Acid
  5. Hydroxyl
Continuing Education Macromolecules
What do we call the monomers that make up polysaccharides?
  1. Peptides
  2. Amino Acids
  3. Monosaccharides
  4. DNA
  5. Proteins
Continuing Education Macromolecules

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Polysaccharide is another name for which type of macro molecules?
  1. Proteins
  2. Nucleic Acids
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Steroids
  5. Fats
Continuing Education Macromolecules
Continuing Education Macromolecules
What are structural isomers?
  1. substances with the same arrangement of covalent bonds, but the order in which the atoms are arranged in space is different
  2. substances that are mirror images of each other and that cannot be superimposed on each other
  3. substances with the same molecular formula that differ in the covalent arrangement of their atoms
  4. atoms of the same element with differing number of neutrons
  5. None of the above
Continuing Education Molecules and Compounds
What are a monomers?
  1. The building blocks of macromolecules.
  2. A type of macromolecule.
  3. A type of sugar.
  4. A single macromolecule.
Continuing Education Macromolecules
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