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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Context Clues Questions

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Grade 6 :: Context Clues by shelbylyn
Put this medicine on your arm and rub it into your skin until it's invisible. It will inhibit the infection's attempt to spread.

What does "inhibit" mean?
  1. live in a certain place
  2. block or slow down
  3. itch or burn
  4. help to do something important
Grade 6 :: Context Clues by shelbylyn
Most of America's Founding Fathers did not believe in women's suffrage. ONly men could vote in the United states until 1920.

What is "suffrage"?
  1. something that caused physical pain
  2. an early flag
  3. skirts that did not cover the ankles
  4. the right to vote
Grade 6 :: Context Clues by shelbylyn
Speaking rudely to the judges was rash behavior. You really hurt your chances of winning!

In the above context, what does "rash" mean?
  1. an itchy skin condition
  2. funny
  3. trying to hide or disguise a piece of cheese
  4. with little thout or consideration
Grade 6 :: Context Clues by shelbylyn
Some people are always bashing the president just like others based the one before him. Wouldn't you think that everyone could find something to praise him for, at least once in a while?

What does "bashing" mean in the above selection?
  1. hitting hard with a heavy tool
  2. going to too many expensive parties
  3. speaking or writing harshly about
  4. voting for a different candidate
Grade 6 :: Context Clues by ehamilton2
taking pleasure in others' misfortunes; evil:
  1. cistern
  2. sultry
  3. malicious
  4. compulsion
Grade 6 :: Context Clues by ehamilton2
Hot and humid:
  1. sultry
  2. animosity
  3. cistern
  4. gyrations
Grade 6 :: Context Clues by ehamilton2
an irresistible impulse to do a particular thing:
  1. gyrations
  2. malicious
  3. compulsion
  4. askew
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