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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Context Clues Questions

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Grade 5 :: Context Clues by paulrcopeland1
What does the word record mean in the sentence below?

Andrea set a new record by running the race at the fastest speed.
  1. a promise made to the public
  2. a goal that will never be reached
  3. a statistic that has never been beaten
  4. a problem that has many different solutions
Grade 5 :: Context Clues by egatlin
Grade 5 :: Context Clues by kellynapoletano
Which definition matches the word "step" as used in the sentence?
He finished the last step towards earning his certificate.
  1. The movement of raising one foot and putting it down.
  2. An action taken to achieve a goal.
  3. To press the foot down or against.
  4. None of the above.
Grade 5 :: Context Clues by szeiger

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What is the meaning of SEGREGATION as used in the passage?
  1. laws that divided people based on race
  2. setting people apart based on race
  3. being of a certain race or ethnicity
  4. judging people based on their race
Grade 5 :: Context Clues by catherinedriscoll
Grade 5 :: Context Clues by dexterm
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