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None Cosmetology Questions

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None Cosmetology
Camouflage therapy involves minimizing or disguising the appearance of:
  1. scars and fresh incisions
  2. protruding chins
  3. narrow eyes
  4. all anserws
None Cosmetology
What do estheticians focus on?
  1. preventive skin care
  2. maintenance of healthy skin
  3. makeup
  4. all anserws
None Cosmetology
None Cosmetology
Women of the Middle Ages wore colored makeup on their:
  1. cheeks and lips
  2. eyes and eyebrows
  3. chin an center of forehead
  4. cheeks and chin
None Cosmetology
The HIV virus can be passed from one person to the next during a salon service by:
  1. entering the bloodstream through cuts and sores when using a contaminated tool
  2. airborne pathogens
  3. floating in a disinfected pedicure bowl
  4. having bloodborne pathogens in the steamer
None Cosmetology
What should you do when a client has an infection?
  1. decline the service
  2. apply a solution of quats on the sore
  3. apply a 5% solution of phenol on the wound
  4. apply rubbing alcohol to the infection
None Cosmetology
When should a client consultation be done?
  1. prior to every service
  2. change of season
  3. twice yearly
  4. every brithday
None Cosmetology
What is the proper way to dispose of lancets and other sharp implements?
  1. put them in a closed trash receptcale
  2. put them in a sharps box
  3. dispose of them in a container labeled hazardous waste
  4. mail them back to the manufacturer
None Cosmetology
An intake form is also called a(n):
  1. client history or client profile
  2. admission card or new client survey
  3. client card for portfolio
  4. client questionnaire or consultation form
None Cosmetology
Any time you have an aggressive client who is not responding to your best efforts to communicate effectively, you should:
  1. seek the aid and advice of your maanger
  2. seek the aid of your most trusted coworker
  3. give the client whatever she wants to make her happy
  4. call the salon hotline
None Cosmetology
                  is not a skin type.
  1. Normal skin
  2. Hyperpigmentation
  3. Oily skin
  4. Combination skin
None Cosmetology
Gossiping with coworkers is permitted when:
  1. clients cannot hear what you are staying
  2. you trust the other person not to preat what you are saying
  3. you are not on the salon premises
  4. it is never alright to gossip with coworkers
None Cosmetology
After performing a service for cleaning up contaminated implements and surfaces, what should you do with your latex gloves?
  1. turn them inside out as you take them off and put them in a biohazard trash receptacle
  2. put them in a trash bin with a closed lid
  3. turn them inside out, powder them, and reuse
  4. soak them in bleach for 10 min and reuse
None Cosmetology
What is an important step when determining why a client is unhappy?
  1. ask for specifics about the situation
  2. find out who is at fault, and start from that point
  3. check to see if she has a history of complaining
  4. check to see if she purchased products from your salon
None Cosmetology
How do estheticians and medical estheticians differ?
  1. no difference
  2. medical estheticians must earn a special degree from a medical school in order to be licensed
  3. medical estheticians provide esthetic services in a medical setting
  4. medical estheticians must complete more school hours prior to licensing
None Cosmetology
In a salon/employee situation, what is the best way to handle tardy clients?
  1. follow your salon's late policy; still take the clients, if you have room
  2. establish your own late policy and stick to it
  3. take them, even if you make other clients wait
  4. ask them to find another esthetician
None Cosmetology
Women of status who lived during the Age of Extravagance colored their cheeks:
  1. crimson red
  2. bright pink or orange
  3. pink only
  4. only if they were in line or the throne
None Cosmetology
How do you mix disinfectant and water?
  1. pour the water into the disinfectant
  2. pour the disinfectant into the water
  3. gently shake both liquids until they emulsify
  4. the solution should stand for five minutes before stirring
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