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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) English Language Arts Questions

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Grade 6 :: Story Elements by ncorradino
What is an internal conflict?
  1. A problem within yourself
  2. A problem with someone else
Grade 6 :: Character Study by mrjcarter
Grade 6 :: Figurative Language by kwings
Grade 6 :: Because of Winn-Dixie by Debbieswanson
Grade 6 :: Types of Sentences by shelbylyn
Grade 6 :: Figurative Language by rneiuber
Symbols referring to death or endings might include:
  1. gravestones, skulls, and the grim reaper
  2. flowers, bees, and honey
  3. lemons, nuts, and spices
  4. birds, insects, and frogs
Grade 6 :: Cause and Effect by ReadingMatters

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Why did the author include information about the lemur's teeth?
  1. It points out how remote this part of the world is.
  2. It supports the idea that lemurs eat quite a bit.
  3. It explains how dry seasons affect the lemur's diet.
  4. It shows why lemur babies need water to survive.
Grade 6 :: Writing by lizadarlin
Which of the following transitions DOES NOT mean to add something?
  1. Additionally
  2. Furthermore
  3. On the other hand
  4. Also
Grade 6 :: Spelling by Cfleming146
Choose the correct spelling of the word.
  1. cerfew
  2. cerfuw
  3. curfew
  4. curfuw
Grade 6 :: Story Elements by greenerkim
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