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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Greece Questions

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Grade 8 Greece

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What was the main difference in how slaves were owned in Sparta vs. the rest of Greece?
  1. Spartan slaves were owned by the government as opposed to being owned by individuals
  2. Athenian slaves were owned by the government as opposed to individuals
  3. Spartan slaves were more mature than other slaves
  4. Athenian slaves were treated better than Spartan slaves
Grade 8 Greece
Which word does not fit?
  1. Socrates
  2. Aristotle
  3. knights
  4. Plato
Grade 8 Greece
What title did Alexander receive through his conquests?
  1. The Great
  2. The Terrible
  3. The Murderous
  4. The Incontinent
Grade 8 Greece
Alexander was tutored under what famous philosopher?
  1. Homer
  2. Aristotle
  3. Nostradamus
  4. Plato
  5. Socrates
Grade 8 Greece
Grade 8 Greece
Who could participate in the Athenian Assembly?
  1. adults
  2. adult males
  3. elected representatives
  4. adult males and educated women
Grade 8 Greece
What empire burnt Athens to the ground?
  1. Ottoman
  2. Mongolian
  3. Persian
  4. Roman
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