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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Greece Questions

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Grade 10 Greece
In ancient Sparta, which activity was a defining feature of citizenship for men?
  1. Financial contribution to public-works projects.
  2. Attendance at religious ceremonies.
  3. Participation in public assemblies.
  4. Membership in the military.
Grade 10 Greece

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Two important city-states of Ancient Greece are?
  1. Agora and Acropolis
  2. Egypt and China
  3. Athens and Sparta
  4. Nile and Tigris
Grade 10 Greece
Who led Athens during its golden age?
  1. Pericles
  2. Philip II
  3. Cleisthenes
  4. Alexander the Great
Grade 10 Greece
What is a Polis?
  1. Agora
  2. Ocean
  3. City-state
  4. Warrior
Grade 10 Greece
A turning point in the Great Peloponnesian War came when                                                              .
  1. A plague killed more than a third of the people in Athens
  2. Sparta destroyed the Athenian fleet
  3. The Athenians charged the Spartans outside the city walls
  4. The Spartans were able to break down the city walls of Athens
Grade 10 Greece
Athens and Sparta were alike in that both were:
  1. city-states
  2. democracies
  3. military states
  4. leaders of the Delian League
Grade 10 Greece
Which statement about Sparta is true?
  1. Sparta glorified the individual
  2. Sparta stressed military virtues and discipline
  3. Sparta valued music and visual arts
  4. Sparta was a democracy
Grade 10 Greece
The lasting legacy of the conquests of Alexander the Great was
  1. the unification of Greece.
  2. a centralized empire.
  3. the spread of democracy.
  4. the spread of Hellenistic culture.
Grade 10 Greece
What is an Agora?
  1. marketplace
  2. valley
  3. hill
  4. temple
Grade 10 Greece
In whose honor were the ancient Greek temples built?
  1. Great leaders
  2. Gods and goddesses
  3. Important soldiers
  4. Ancestors
Grade 10 Greece
Athens became the most powerful city-state in ancient Greece as a result of
  1. the defeat of the Persians
  2. the Battle of Marathon
  3. its democratic reforms
  4. the strength of its army
Grade 10 Greece

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Grade 10 Greece
Historians believe the Trojan War may have been caused by
  1. Achilles' withdrawal from battle
  2. the kidnapping of Helen by Trojans
  3. an economic rivalry
  4. insults exchanged between rulers
Grade 10 Greece
Who wrote 'The Republic'?
  1. Socrates
  2. Aristotle
  3. Ptolemy
  4. Plato
Grade 10 Greece
A major cause of the decline of Greece was
  1. plague and famine
  2. the Peloponnesian War
  3. the Persian Wars
  4. corrupt government
Grade 10 Greece
Who did the Ancient Greeks consider Barbarians?
  1. People who did not speak Greek
  2. People who sailed the seas
  3. People who sold items in the marketplace
  4. People who did not want to fight
Grade 10 Greece
What name is often used to refer to the period during which the Parthenon was built?
  1. Ming Dynasty
  2. Age of Uncertainty
  3. The Enlightenment
  4. Age of Pericles
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