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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Immigration Questions

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Grade 11 Immigration
How did most immigrants in the nineteenth century respond to attitudes of Nativism.
  1. They protested against the Nativist
  2. They fled the U.S to pursue better living conditions
  3. They remained in the United States because they could not lawfully return to their original homelands.
  4. They remained in the United States because they still believed they had greater opportunities in America than elsewhere.
Grade 11 Immigration
Grade 11 Immigration
Grade 11 Immigration
The Scot-Irish eventually became concentrated especially in
  1. coastal areas of the Middle Colonies and the South.
  2. the New England colonies.
  3. the frontier areas.
  4. the cities
  5. Pacific coast.
Grade 11 Immigration
Where did immigrants from Asia first arrive?
  1. Staten Island
  2. Angel Island
  3. Ellis Island
  4. Santa Catalina Island
Grade 11 Immigration
Grade 11 Immigration
What is the time period for the arrival of "Old Immigrants?"
  1. 1871-1921
  2. 1860-1900
  3. 1875-1925
  4. Pre 1871
Grade 11 Immigration
Grade 11 Immigration
Which of the following was NOT a way public schools participated in the Americanization process?
  1. They taught immigrant children English.
  2. They provided naturalization classes.
  3. They encouraged children to maintain their identity and individuality.
  4. They provided a free education for children of working class parents.
Grade 11 Immigration
At the turn of the century, why did most immigrants to the United States settle in cities?
  1. jobs were readily available
  2. government relief programs required immigrants to settle in cities
  3. labor union leaders encouraged unrestricted immigration
Grade 11 Immigration
As unions grew, Nativism rose. What is Nativism?
  1. idea that society does not need government
  2. the idea that unions are a threat to American institutions
  3. strong anti-immigrant feelings
Grade 11 Immigration
Grade 11 Immigration
Nativism in the late 19th Century was motivated primarily by
  1. hostility toward immigrant workers
  2. cultural conflicts with Native American Indians
  3. the migration of African Americans to northern cities
Grade 11 Immigration
Immigrants after the 1880s were called
  1. Old immigrants
  2. New immigrants
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