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Immigration Questions - All Grades

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Grade 11 Immigration
How did most immigrants in the nineteenth century respond to attitudes of Nativism.
  1. They protested against the Nativist
  2. They fled the U.S to pursue better living conditions
  3. They remained in the United States because they could not lawfully return to their original homelands.
  4. They remained in the United States because they still believed they had greater opportunities in America than elsewhere.
Grade 11 Immigration
Grade 11 Immigration
Grade 2 Immigration
Cesar Chavez's family moved from where to where?
  1. Arizona to California
  2. Texas to Arizona
  3. Texas to New York
  4. Arizona to New Mexico
Grade 8 Immigration
How long does a person have to live in the United States in order to become a naturalized citizen?
  1. 5 years
  2. 10 years
  3. 3 years if married to a US citizen
  4. A and C
  5. B and C
Grade 10 Immigration
The Majority of Immagrants on the east coast came from               
  1. North America
  2. Western Europe
  3. Eastern Europe
  4. South America
Grade 3 Immigration
What do many people who move to a new city have in common with many who move to a new country?
  1. Both want to stay in their neighborhood.
  2. Both want to find religious freedom.
  3. Both want to find better homes.
  4. Both want to find a better life.
Grade 8 Immigration
Irish immigrants generally were met with more hostility than some other immigrants because they
  1. were members of the Protestant Church
  2. were believed to be unwilling to work
  3. were members of the Roman Catholic Church
  4. took most of the high-paying jobs
Grade 7 Immigration
What led to overcrowded immigrant neighborhoods and tenements?
  1. Settlement Houses
  2. Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization
  3. Tenements and ghettos
  4. Political corruption
Grade 11 Immigration
The Scot-Irish eventually became concentrated especially in
  1. coastal areas of the Middle Colonies and the South.
  2. the New England colonies.
  3. the frontier areas.
  4. the cities
  5. Pacific coast.
Grade 11 Immigration
Where did immigrants from Asia first arrive?
  1. Staten Island
  2. Angel Island
  3. Ellis Island
  4. Santa Catalina Island
Grade 3 Immigration
How can you tell that people in the United States come from different cultures and countries?
  1. They speak many languages
  2. They go to the same schools
  3. They play soccer together
  4. They eat similar foods
Grade 12 Immigration
The process of giving up one's citizenship is
  1. immigration
  2. expatriation
  3. patriotism
  4. impatriation
Grade 11 Immigration
Grade 10 Immigration
Immigrants had always come to America for economic opportunity and
  1. help from police
  2. a good education
  3. first class accommodations
  4. religious freedom
Grade 11 Immigration
What is the time period for the arrival of "Old Immigrants?"
  1. 1871-1921
  2. 1860-1900
  3. 1875-1925
  4. Pre 1871
Grade 3 Immigration
Which of the following is NOT a reason why immigrants formed communities in the United States?
  1. to feel safe
  2. to escape new opportunities
  3. to set up good laws
  4. to make their lives better
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