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American Revolution Questions - All Grades

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The American Revolution questions below are in the following grade levels:
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Grade 7 :: American Revolution by amandaesmith5
As a result of the Boston Tea Party,
  1. Massachusetts was given a charter.
  2. the colonial legislatures passed the Intolerable Acts.
  3. Parliament passed the Coercive Acts.
  4. Britain repealed the Quartering Act.
Grade 7 :: American Revolution by amandaesmith5
Who defended the British soldiers after the Boston Massacre?
  1. John Adams
  2. Samuel Adams
  3. Thomas Preston
  4. George Washington
Grade 7 :: American Revolution by amandaesmith5
Colonial women played a key role in the boycott of British goods by
  1. buying all the British cloth and other goods they could afford.
  2. throwing British cloth and food into the Boston Harbor.
  3. buying French food and cloth instead.
  4. forming a group called the Daughters of Liberty.
Grade 7 :: American Revolution by amandaesmith5
Why did some American Indians join Europeans in the wars against other Indians, in King Philip's War?
  1. They wanted to pick the winning side.
  2. They did not like the other Indians.
  3. They wanted to protect trade alliances
Grade 11 :: American Revolution by bclinton
Who was the President of the 2nd Continental Congress?
  1. John Hancock
  2. John Adams
  3. Thomas Jefferson
  4. George Washington
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Qalam
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
The colonist did not want to have British troops for protection because they could call on their militias. What was a militia?
  1. They were an Army that the colonial assemblies paid for.
  2. They were a small army of regular people.
  3. They were a professional army that they rented to protect themselves.
  4. They were Native Americans that liked the colonist.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
This was one of the first British Acts put in place on the colonist?
  1. Sugar Act
  2. Townshend Acts
  3. Intolerbable Acts
  4. Tea Act
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
What was a goal of the First Continental Congress?
  1. To declare war on Great Britain.
  2. To find a solution to the conflicts with Great Britian.
  3. To create taxes that would be acceptable to the americans
  4. To bring representatives from Great Britain and America together.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
What did the colonists resent most about the Stamp Act?
  1. The did not blieve in any form of taxation.
  2. They had no representatives to vote on the tax.
  3. People in Great Britain did not have to pay taxes.
  4. People in Great Britain were taxed only on property.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
Which of these was a result of the French and Indian War?
  1. The British government had a large war debt.
  2. The colonists were given their independence.
  3. The Brithish government stayed of colonial politics.
  4. The colonists wer free to move west of the Appalachians.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
How did Parliament respond to the colonists' protest against the Stamp Act?
  1. They repealed the Stamp Act.
  2. They increased the tax on paper.
  3. They refused to sell stamps to the colonists.
  4. They arrested those who compolained about the Stamp Act.
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