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Formation of the USA Questions - All Grades

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Grade 8 Formation of the USA
What does the Bill of Rights primarily protect?
  1. members of Congress
  2. states’ rights
  3. individual rights
  4. the federal government
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
What was the Bill of Rights?
  1. a document added to Constitution to protect citizens’ rights
  2. a document used to limit the powers of state governments
  3. a document outlining the rights of the federal government
  4. a document stating the ways in which citizens can participate in government
Grade 4 Formation of the USA

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A MAIN idea of the Declaration of Independence is that
  1. people can rebel against their government any time they want.
  2. government gets its authority from the consent of the governed.
  3. taxes should not be increased.
  4. government should not interfere in economic activities.
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
What document directly preceded the U.S. Constitution?
  1. the Mayflower Compact
  2. the Articles of Confederation
  3. the Emancipation Proclamation
  4. the Declaration of Independence
Grade 4 Formation of the USA
Who was New Jersey's first state governor?
  1. Giovanni de Verrazano
  2. Sir George Carteret
  3. Lord John Berkley
  4. Lewis Morris
  5. William Livingston
  6. Chris Christie
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
Grade 2 Formation of the USA
Sequoyah created which of the following?
  1. The bow and arrow
  2. The Cherokee Alphabet
  3. The Cherokee Ships
  4. The Creek houses
Grade 3 Formation of the USA
On what date was the Constitution signed?
  1. Sept. 17, 1997
  2. Sept. 17, 1787
  3. Sept. 11, 1997
  4. Sept. 21, 2007
Grade 4 Formation of the USA
The                             was the first attempt at government in the new United States.
  1. American Revolutionary War
  2. intercolonial collaboration
  3. Articles of Confederation
  4. armed conflict
Grade 4 Formation of the USA
Why is the trail they traveled called the Trail of Tears?
  1. People cried and many of them lost their lives.
  2. The people let the children cry.
  3. The people hurt themselves.
  4. The people got tired of walking.
Grade 7 Formation of the USA
The Black Bean episode was a direct result of
  1. Somervell's expedition
  2. the Mier expedition.
  3. the Battle of Salado Creek.
  4. the Archives War.
Grade 7 Formation of the USA
What was the belief that the United States should expand westward called?
  1. manifest destiny
  2. certain future
  3. undeniable destiny
  4. American future
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
Which of these was NOT a reason Americans began moving west
  1. New cities in the west had many job opportunities
  2. Immigrants moving into eastern cities created overcrowding
  3. Growing birth rates led to a rise in city population
  4. Due to an increase in population in the east, many people couldn't find jobs
Grade 7 Formation of the USA
Juan Nepomuceno Cortina was known in Mexico as the
  1. Ruler of the Rio Grande.
  2. Robin Hood of the Rio Grande.
  3. Red Hand of the Rio Grande.
  4. Rescuer of the Rio Grande.
Grade 7 Formation of the USA
The Declaration of Independence was primarily written by the                                       .
  1. First Continental Congress as a whole
  2. Circle of Champions
  3. Second Continental Congress as a whole
  4. Chairmans of Committee
  5. Committee of Five
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
People who came to California in search of gold were called
  1. gold-rushers.
  2. forty-niners.
  3. boomers.
  4. placer miners
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
The principal consequence of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was that it
  1. terminated the earlier system of land survey established by the federal government for the territories
  2. established a procedure for bringing new states into the Union as the equals of the older states
  3. provided for the removal of American Indians from the East Coast to territories across the Appalachian mountains
  4. encouraged the drafting of a new treaty with England concerning the disposition of the western territories
  5. strengthened the role of the thirteen original states in Congress
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
A major reason the United States went to war with Mexico was because of the
  1. Mexican attacks on American settlers.
  2. desire to obtain more territory.
  3. Mexican interference with American trade.
  4. desire to abolish slavery in Texas
Grade 10 Formation of the USA
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