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Industrialization Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Industrialization questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 5 Industrialization
Which form of mass production was used by Henry Ford to produce automobiles in large quantities?
  1. Assembly Line
  2. Morse Code
  3. Bessemer Process
  4. Interchangeable Parts
Grade 11 Industrialization
Which group helped regulate the railroad industry?
  1. Grange
  2. Democrats
  3. Republicans
  4. Government
Grade 11 Industrialization
ARU stands for?
  1. American Railway Union
  2. American Rent Union
  3. American Roadways Union
  4. American Risk Union
Grade 11 Industrialization
By 1900, educational reforms led to
  1. more children attending school at a younger age.
  2. public schooling for most African Americans.
  3. discrimination against the children of immigrants.
  4. bilingual education for most children of immigrants
Grade 8 Industrialization
The term mass production is best defined as the
  1. rapid manufacture of a large number of identical objects.
  2. ability to carefully produce intricate objects one at a time.
  3. tendency to create poor quality goods because of high demand.
  4. practice of making only products that would have many buyers.
Grade 8 Industrialization
Why did people in the North and the South have such different views about slavery?
  1. The South's economy depended on slavery, while the economy of the North did not.
  2. Most people in the South believed slavery was morally wrong.
  3. Northerners thought slavery was destroying the economy.
  4. Southerners believed slavery should be eliminated gradually, while northerners thought it should be abolished all at once.
Grade 8 Industrialization
What effect did the invention of the cotton gin have on the slave trade in the South?
  1. It led to the founding of antislavery organizations.
  2. Planters used more slave labor.
  3. Cotton growers depended less on the slave system.
  4. The cotton gin had very little lasting impact.
Grade 8 Industrialization
In the 1800s, which of the following was NOT a problem that most growing American cities faced?
  1. the spread of disease
  2. few job opportunities
  3. a lack of clean drinking water
  4. the threat of citywide fires
Grade 1 Industrialization
Who helped farmers by inventing over 300 ways to use peanuts?
  1. George Washington Carver
  2. Jackie Robinson
  3. Ronald Nixon
Grade 11 Industrialization
Entrepreneurs began this revolution by developing machines to perform the work that had once been done by hand
  1. American Revolution
  2. Industrial Revolution
  3. The Glorious Revolution
  4. French Revolution
Grade 5 Industrialization
Grade 5 Industrialization
Choose the four ways that America improved during the Industrial Revolution. (choose 4)
  1. transportation
  2. agriculture
  3. finance
  4. industry
  5. computers
  6. communications
Grade 5 Industrialization
When did the Industrial Revolution take place?
  1. during the Civil War
  2. from the Civil War to the early 1900s
  3. in the 17th century
  4. in the 1950s and 60s
Grade 11 Industrialization
What is the definition of "robber baron?"
  1. a burglar
  2. a plane in World War II
  3. owner of a big business that makes money in illegal ways
  4. a steel company originating in the 1920s
Grade 8 Industrialization
Which invention improved travel by water in the early 1800s?
  1. turnpike
  2. spinning jenny
  3. water frame
  4. steamboat
Grade 5 Industrialization
Grade 5 Industrialization
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