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Industrialization Questions - All Grades

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The Industrialization questions below are in the following grade levels:
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Grade 8 :: Industrialization by Qalam
Which of the following were all cotton-producing states?
  1. Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Vermont
  2. New York, New Jersey, Maine, Ohio
  3. Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana
  4. Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Connecticut
Grade 8 :: Industrialization by Qalam
Besides the cotton gin, which of the following items did Eli Whitney also invent?
  1. interchangeable parts
  2. telegraph
  3. steam engine
  4. musket
Grade 8 :: Industrialization by Qalam
Which invention improved travel by water in the early 1800s?
  1. steamboat
  2. turnpike
  3. spinning jenny
  4. water frame
Grade 8 :: Industrialization by Qalam
The term mass production is best defined as the
  1. rapid manufacture of a large number of identical objects.
  2. ability to carefully produce intricate objects one at a time.
  3. tendency to create poor quality goods because of high demand.
  4. practice of making only products that would have many buyers.
Grade 9 :: Industrialization by AdrianeO
Grade 8 :: Industrialization by Qalam
The Erie Canal was built to link
  1. Lake Erie to New York City.
  2. Lake Erie to New Jersey.
  3. Lake Erie to Lake Michigan.
  4. Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River.
Grade 9 :: Industrialization by AdrianeO
Grade 6 :: Industrialization by tayliffe
Who was Samuel Slater?
  1. A Native American explorer
  2. A skilled mechanic who helped industrialize the United States
  3. A Founding Father
  4. The first Secretary of State
Grade 10 :: Industrialization by Weasel
The country was connected from coast to coast by
  1. the invention of the electric light
  2. the transcontinental railroad
  3. Standard Oil
Grade 9 :: Industrialization by AdrianeO
Grade 11 :: Industrialization by Shannen
One reason John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan were sometimes called robber barons because they...
  1. robbed from the rich to give to the poor
  2. used ruthless business tactics against their competitors
  3. stole money from the federal government
Grade 3 :: Industrialization by Elvi3
How did the reaper help farmers of the 1800s?
  1. Farming was made easier with a machine and a horse.
  2. Farmers were able to take pictures of their fields.
  3. Farmers could communicate quickly with others.
  4. Farmers could walk through and harvest a field.
Grade 4 :: Industrialization by bsparacio
What invention is attributed to Alexander Graham Bell?
  1. light bulb
  2. electricity
  3. television
  4. telephone
Grade 9 :: Industrialization by AdrianeO
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