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Jacksonian Era Questions - All Grades

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Grade 5 Jacksonian Era
The Cherokee's forced journey to Oklahoma is known as the                   .
  1. Trail of Tears
  2. Trail of Dirt
  3. Trail of Cherokees
  4. Trail of Indians
Grade 5 Jacksonian Era
This President signed the Indian Removal Act.
  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Barack Obama
  3. Andrew Jackson
  4. George Washington
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
The forced removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma was known as the
  1. Long March.
  2. Last Stand.
  3. Trail of Tears.
  4. Walk to Freedom.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
Which of the following was a justification used by the United States to remove Indians from their land?
  1. If Indians don't move they'll be killed by American Settlers
  2. The land they will move to will be much better than the land they're on
  3. America is looking out for the best interest of the Native Americans
  4. All of the Above
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
Why did many Native American groups sign treaties agreeing to move west after the passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1830?
  1. They trusted the government and considered the treaties to be fair and in their best interests.
  2. The land they were promised was some of the most productive farmland in the west.
  3. They felt that they had no choice and would be forcibly removed from their land anyway.
  4. Most Native Americans had voted for Jackson, and they agreed with his policies.
Grade 4 Jacksonian Era
What type of roses grew along the Trail of Tears?
  1. Purple Roses
  2. White Roses
  3. Yellow Roses
  4. Red Roses
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
A major issue during Andrew Jackson's presidency was
  1. slavery.
  2. states' rights.
  3. the War of 1812.
  4. independence.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
The forced removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma was known as the
  1. Walk to Freedom.
  2. Long March.
  3. Last Stand.
  4. Trail of Tears.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
The practice of rewarding supporters with political jobs is known as
  1. electoral voting.
  2. states' rights.
  3. a caucus.
  4. the spoils system.
Grade 11 Jacksonian Era
Andrew Jackson found his greatest support among
  1. northern factory workers.
  2. Native Americans.
  3. common people.
  4. supporters of high tariffs.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
President Jackson's policy toward Native Americans
  1. exhibited patience, understanding, and respect for their culture and history.
  2. centered around a policy of their removal from their native lands.
  3. did not affect lands that were previously granted to Native Americans by treaties.
  4. none of the above.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
President Jackson
  1. renewed the charter of the Second Bank of the United States.
  2. believed that the national back was a constitutional exercise of governmental powers.
  3. vetoed the bill to recharter the Second Bank of the United States and withdrew all federal monies from it.
  4. supported the Second Bank of the United States.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
By putting into effect the Indian Removal Act, President Jackson was supporting
  1. the power of a strong federal government.
  2. the Bank of the United States.
  3. the power of the Supreme Court.
  4. rights of Native Americans.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
Andrew Jackson's election to the Presidency in 1828 was significant because
  1. it continued the tradition of electing candidates who were born in VA or New England.
  2. it signaled the death of the Democratic Party.
  3. he brought a greater degree of democracy to American government.
  4. all of the above.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
Henry Clay's vision of the American System included
  1. a protective tariff for American manufacturing.
  2. a national system of roads and canals to encourage commerce between farmers and consumers.
  3. authorization of a Second National Bank to finance road, canal, and harbor construction, and to provide credit to developing industries.
  4. all of the above.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
Jacksonian democracy
  1. saw a rise in the political participation of the common man.
  2. demanded allegiance to the abolitionist movement.
  3. was the strongest supporter of the National Bank.
  4. all of the above.
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