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The Frontier Questions - All Grades

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Grade 9 The Frontier
Set out from St. Louis in 1804 to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Territory.
  1. Alfred Marshall
  2. Lewis and Clark
  3. Mark Twain
  4. Crazy Horse
Grade 2 The Frontier
How did the very first pioneers travel?
  1. cars
  2. planes
  3. wagons
  4. bikes
Grade 8 The Frontier
As a result of the Louisiana Purchase, the United States
  1. made peace with Spain.
  2. went to war with France.
  3. lost control of New Orleans.
  4. nearly doubled in size.
Grade 8 The Frontier
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were sent to
  1. remove Native Americans from Louisiana.
  2. explore and map the Louisiana Purchase.
  3. defeat the Spanish in Mexico.
  4. buy Louisiana from France.
Grade 7 The Frontier
Which of these once belonged to Mexico?
  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Louisiana
  4. Nebraska
Grade 3 The Frontier
Grade 10 The Frontier
Grade 8 The Frontier
What was one goal of the Wilmot Proviso?
  1. To ban slavery in all of the United States
  2. To allow slaves to travel to free states
  3. To ban slavery from the territories gained from the Mexican American War
  4. To allow people to vote directly on issues instead of using an elected representative
Grade 4 The Frontier
Grade 10 The Frontier
Grade 2 The Frontier
Grade 10 The Frontier
Pull factors would include all of the following Except
  1. religious freedom
  2. economic opportunity
  3. drought
  4. cheap land
None The Frontier
A productive farm area that began at the Eastern edge of the Great Plains.
  1. Wheat Belt
  2. Great Plains
  3. Homestead Act
  4. Dry Farming
Grade 5 The Frontier
Luis and Clark went on a(n)...
  1. vacation
  2. voyage
  3. train
  4. expedition
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