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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) The Frontier Questions

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Grade 9 The Frontier
Set out from St. Louis in 1804 to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Territory.
  1. Alfred Marshall
  2. Lewis and Clark
  3. Mark Twain
  4. Crazy Horse
Grade 9 The Frontier
People who moved to the west frontier were known as
  1. carpet baggers
  2. pioneers
  3. white supremacists
  4. Native Americans
Grade 9 The Frontier
What did the Chisholm Trail transport?
  1. grain
  2. bibles
  3. cattle
  4. railroad tracks
Grade 9 The Frontier
Of the following, which did NOT occur as a result of the new transcontinental railroad?
  1. New towns sprang up along the railroads.
  2. Products such as gold, silver, and beef were shipped east in great quantities.
  3. The population of western territories fell.
  4. The population of the West grew and new states were formed
Grade 9 The Frontier
Which of the following pressured Native Americans to change their way of life?
  1. the Oklahoma Land Rush
  2. the book A Century of Dishonor
  3. the Dawes Act and the reservation system
  4. the Battle of Little Bighorn
Grade 9 The Frontier
The Homestead Act
  1. 160 acres of land to an owner of gold
  2. 160 acres of land to the head of a household
  3. enables you to stay at another person's home
  4. tore down half of the houses in the west
Grade 9 The Frontier
Grade 9 The Frontier
How were buffaloes used in the West?
  1. shelter
  2. symbol of wealth
  3. death warning
  4. clothes
  5. food
  6. white men are coming
Grade 9 The Frontier
The term "sodbusters" refers to
  1. railroad workers.
  2. Great Plains farmers.
  3. cowhands.
  4. Oklahomans.
Grade 9 The Frontier
Grade 9 The Frontier
What was the main reason why it was necessary to drive cattle such long distances in the 1860s?
  1. The cattle needed to be fattened up along the way.
  2. The cattle had to be driven to where the railroads began.
  3. The government allowed ranches only in isolated areas.
  4. The cattle drives had to avoid crossing Native American lands.
Grade 9 The Frontier
Grade 9 The Frontier
Which event marked the Native Americans' defeat and the end of formal warfare between Native Americans and the United States government?
  1. the Battle of Wounded Knee against the Sioux
  2. the capture of Geronimo, leader of the Apache
  3. the Battle of Little Bighorn against the Sioux and the Cheyennes
  4. the capture of Chief Joseph, the leader of the Nez Percé
Grade 9 The Frontier
How did the federal government help finance (pay for) the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad?
  1. It provided land grants( free land) to the railroad companies
  2. It provided the building materials
  3. It provided government workers
  4. It gave interest free loans to the companies
Grade 9 The Frontier
Native Americans were hurt by all of the following EXCEPT
  1. shrinking herds of buffalo.
  2. broken treaties.
  3. movement to reservations.
  4. the end of the cattle boom.
Grade 9 The Frontier
Which of the following groups did NOT participate in large numbers in the building of the transcontinental railroad?
  1. immigrants from Ireland
  2. Immigrants from china
  3. native-born white americans
  4. immigrants from Greece
  5. african-americans
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