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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Progressive Era Questions

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Grade 9 Progressive Era
Which of the following was NOT a muckraker?
  1. Ida Tarbell
  2. Upton Sinclair
  3. Jacob Riis
  4. Robert LaFollete
Grade 9 Progressive Era
Grade 9 Progressive Era
The Progressive movement was mainly a response to the
  1. need to improve race relations in America
  2. pressures the US experienced because they were becoming a world power
  3. industrialization and urbanization of the US
  4. change needed in the South following the Civil War
Grade 9 Progressive Era
The Progressive Movement was concern mostly with
  1. helping the nation adjust to the changes in society brought by industrialization and urbanization
  2. expanding the civil rights of minorities
  3. healing the split caused by the Civil war
  4. controlling the ups and downs of the economy
Grade 9 Progressive Era
Which of the following does NOT describe the Progressive Movement?
  1. progressives favored government regulation to protect the public
  2. concerned with social and economic conditions like poverty in the cities
  3. represented the upper class and wealthy
  4. wanted stronger state and national government
Grade 9 Progressive Era
In the early twentieth century, muckrakers were able to influence American society mainly through their
  1. frequent acts of civil disobedience.
  2. activities as government officials.
  3. publishing of articles and books.
  4. control over factories.
Grade 9 Progressive Era
Unsanitary (dirty) conditions in the meatpacking industry were first exposed by
  1. President Cleveland
  2. muckraker, Upton Sinclair
  3. Suffragist, Susan B. Anthony
  4. Scientist, Louis Pasteur
Grade 9 Progressive Era
Which government body created during the Progressive Era now regulates buying on the Internet?
  1. Federal Trade Commission FTC
  2. Federal Reserve Board
  3. Food and Drug Administration FDA
  4. National Consumers League NCL
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