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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Immigration Questions

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Grade 9 Immigration
Immigrants were essential to the American economy in the late 1800s because many of them
  1. bought large quantities of goods from American stores.
  2. took low-wage jobs in building, mining, and manufacturing.
  3. became entrepreneurs and started large corporations.
  4. entered banking and made loans to businesses and individuals.
Grade 9 Immigration
What did the eastern European and Chinese immigrants of the late 1800s have in common?
  1. They both settled in American cities looking for a better way of life
  2. They both entered the US through Ellis Island
  3. They both were fleeing religious persecution
  4. Neither group experienced racism
Grade 9 Immigration
Grade 9 Immigration
Which of the following was associated with corruption in cities?
  1. bosses controlling local work and demanding payoffs from businesses
  2. buying the votes of the poor through goods and favors
  3. awarding city service jobs to friends
  4. setting up immigrants in housing and jobs in exchange for votes
  5. A and C
  6. all of the above
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