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Reconstruction Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 Reconstruction
Grade 6 Reconstruction
Memorial Day in the North was founded in 1868 by which organization?
  1. Amvets
  2. American Legion
  3. Veterans of Foreign Wars
  4. Grand Army of the Republic
Grade 11 Reconstruction
The Freedman’s Bureau was established to:
  1. transport freed slaves to the North
  2. provide former slaves with food, clothing, and education
  3. establish public works projects
  4. redistribute planters’ land to former slaves
Grade 11 Reconstruction
Grade 12 Reconstruction
What did Congress refuse to do when they reconvened in December 1865?
  1. Congress refused to listen t any economic law hearings.
  2. Beacause the new Costitutions had to outlaw Slavery, Congress refused to seat the new Southern Congressional Reps and they appointed a joint committee to reexamine the reconsruction Policy.
  3. They went to the White House & Protested.
  4. They stayed home and slept in.
Grade 12 Reconstruction
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Which political group wanted the federal government to force change in the South?
  1. Radical Democrats
  2. Tea Party
  3. Radical Republicans
  4. Green Party
Grade 11 Reconstruction
After the Civil War, agriculture in the south was
  1. dominated by cotton
  2. dependent on many crops
  3. dominated by tobacco
  4. dominated by vegetables
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Grade 7 Reconstruction
What were black codes?
  1. Laws limiting the rights of African Americans.
  2. Law freeing African Americans.
  3. Laws offering unlimited African American rights.
  4. Laws enslaving African Americans again.
Grade 5 Reconstruction
Based on the enhanced economical, political, and social opportunities why did many African Americans still desire to leave the South?
  1. Many African Americans left the South because they wanted to find long lost family members.
  2. Many African Americans left the South because they wanted to find new job opportunities to support their families.
  3. Many African Americans left the South because they felt they were still not treated equally and wanted a fresh start.
Grade 6 Reconstruction

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What was the original name for Memorial Day?
  1. Tribute Day
  2. Remembrance Day
  3. Decoration Day
  4. Veteran's Day
Grade 12 Reconstruction
What Amendment (that was adopted in 1868) included four major provisions?
  1. Eighteenth Amendment
  2. fifteethn Amendment
  3. Fourteenth Amendment
  4. Sixteenth Amendment
Grade 11 Reconstruction
This scholar founded the NAACP and was a graduate of Harvard University.
  1. Mary Wells
  2. Booker T Washington
  3. George Washington Carver
  4. W.E.B. Dubois
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