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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) American Revolution Questions

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Grade 5 American Revolution
During the American Revolution, George Washington
  1. wrote the Declaration of Independence.
  2. commanded the Continental Army.
  3. was a loyalist.
  4. participated in the Boston Tea Party.
Grade 5 American Revolution
Paul Revere and William Dawes rode to these two cities to stop the British from taking their supplies; the Revolutionary War also began here.
  1. Philadelphia and New York City
  2. Boston and Baltimore
  3. Concord and Lexington
  4. Williamsburg and Wilmington
Grade 5 American Revolution
Grade 5 American Revolution
It stated that the British government had no right to tax the colonists without giving them representation.
  1. Intolerable Acts
  2. Declaration of Independence
  3. Boston Tea Party
  4. Stamp Act
Grade 5 American Revolution
Which of the following was an advantage of the British in the American Revolution?
  1. British soldiers wer far away from home
  2. British soldiers believed in independence
  3. British soldiers were well trained
  4. British soldiers knew the land well
Grade 5 American Revolution
The Declaration of Independence stated that?
  1. The authority to govern belonged to the colonists.
  2. The authority to govern belonged to the British
  3. The authority to tax belonged to the king
  4. The authority to tax belonged to the British
Grade 5 American Revolution
A basic principle of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution is
  1. Every person should run for political office
  2. Education should be the main goal of government
  3. Religion should be separate from government
  4. Governements cannot take away certain rights
Grade 5 American Revolution
The territory west of the Appalachian Mountains at the start of the war was occupied by                                    .
  1. The French and the Spanish
  2. The French and the Native Americans
  3. The French and the Germans
  4. The British and the Native Americans
Grade 5 American Revolution
Grade 5 American Revolution
Grade 5 American Revolution
Which battle is associated (connected) with the famous saying "The shot heard around the World"?
  1. Battle of Concord
  2. Battle of Lexington
  3. Battle of Yorktown
  4. Battle of Saratoga
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