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College Microbiology Questions

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College Microbiology
Staphylococcus aureus is what kind of organism?
  1. Pseudopod
  2. Eukaryote
  3. Alage
  4. Prokaryote
College Microbiology
College Microbiology
College Microbiology
The three main bacteria morphologies are known as                            .
  1. coccus, bacilli, and spiral
  2. coccus, sphere, and star
  3. boccus, cacilli, and spiral
  4. cocoid, bacoid, and spiroid
College Microbiology
Which is more dangerous to human beings-antigenic DRIFT or antigenic SHIFT-and why?
  1. Antigenic DRIFT-since this produces the quickest and largest degree of changes in the virus structure and we may not have immunity against it.
  2. Antigenic SHIFT-since this produces the quickest and largest degree of changes in the virus structure and we may not have immunity against it.
  3. Antigenic DRIFT-the small changes make the virus look like something we already have an immune response in place for, but we actually don't. This lets the virus hide from the immune responses needed to clear it out for a longer period of time.
  4. Antigenic SHIFT-the process completely changes the virus 100%, allowing it to jump into different species (i.e., from birds into humans). As such, we have no responses in place for the new virus.
College Microbiology
Which is true regarding membrane chemistry in Bacteria, Eukarya and Archaea?
  1. Bacteria/Eukarya have ether linked lipids, archaea have ester linked lipids.
  2. Bacteria/Archaea have ether linked lipids, Eukarya have ester linked lipds.
  3. Bacteria/Eukarya have ester linked lipids, Archaea have ether linked lipids.
  4. Bacteria/Archaea have ester linked lipids, Eukarya have ether linked lipids.
College Microbiology
The causative agent of a disease that causes the disease include                                                 .
  1. fungus, rickettsia, virus
  2. bacteria,virus, protozoan
  3. virus, fungus, rickettsia
  4. virus, bacteria, fungus, rickettsia or protozoan
College Microbiology
College Microbiology
  1. streptococco
  2. spiralcoctus
  3. staphlococci
  4. spirochete
College Microbiology
What are considered true bacteria?
  1. archaebacteria
  2. eukaryotic
  3. eubacteria
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