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College Microbiology Questions

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College :: Microbiology by Webby18
A disease causing or harmful bacteria is considered
  1. pathogenic
  2. non-pathogenic
  3. medical
  4. illegal
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
All of the following are sub-groups of microbiology except
  1. bacteriology
  2. mycology
  3. hematology
  4. virology
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
The three main bacteria morphologies are
  1. coccus, bacilli, and spiral
  2. coccus, sphere, and star
  3. boccus, cacilli, and spiral
  4. cocoid, bacoid, and spiroid
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
What species of bacteria was responsible for the black plague?
  1. Yersinia Pestis
  2. Yersinia Enterocolitica
  3. Shigella
  4. Salmonella
College :: Microbiology
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
Select all that are coag-negative staph species.
  1. S. hemolyticus
  2. S. aureous
  3. S. saprophyticus
  4. S. epidermidis
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
College :: Microbiology by McMorrow36
Which of the following is NOT true regarding epidemiological transitions?
  1. They are defined as a change in patterns of diseases
  2. They generally occur as countries experience social and economic growth
  3. Over the past 100 years the US has experienced an epidemiological transition from CD to NCD as leading causes of death and disease
  4. They include changes in the makeup of the population such as high numbers of elderly people
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
What is the most clinically significant species of the genus Escherichia?
  1. P. aeruginosa
  2. S. pyogenes
  3. E. coli
  4. E. histolyitica
College :: Microbiology by sammieconaway
What is an archaea?
  1. Aggressive cells
  2. Prokaryotes that are fragile
  3. Smallest cells
  4. Prokaryotes that live in extreme conditions
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
Based on clinical infections produced, enterics are divided into what two categories?
  1. opportunistic pathogens
  2. normal intestinal flora
  3. secret pathogens
  4. roaming pathogens
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
What is the gram stain morphology of bacteria in the family Enterobacteriaceae?
  1. Gram positive cocci in clusters
  2. Gram positive cocci in chains
  3. Gram negative rods/bacilli
  4. Gram neutral spirals in palisades
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