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College Microbiology Questions

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College Microbiology
Staphylococcus aureus is what kind of organism?
  1. Pseudopod
  2. Eukaryote
  3. Alage
  4. Prokaryote
College Microbiology
The three main bacteria morphologies are known as                            .
  1. coccus, bacilli, and spiral
  2. coccus, sphere, and star
  3. boccus, cacilli, and spiral
  4. cocoid, bacoid, and spiroid
College Microbiology
  1. streptococco
  2. spiralcoctus
  3. staphlococci
  4. spirochete
College Microbiology
Which STI listed is caused by bacteria?
  1. AIDS
  2. Genital Herpes
  3. Chlamydia
  4. Pubic lice
College Microbiology
The causative agent of a disease that causes the disease include                                                 .
  1. fungus, rickettsia, virus
  2. bacteria,virus, protozoan
  3. virus, fungus, rickettsia
  4. virus, bacteria, fungus, rickettsia or protozoan
College Microbiology
College Microbiology
College Microbiology
Parasites that cause human malaria can be transmitted by:                                                  .
  1. Several genera of mosquitoes, including Anopheles
  2. Many species of mosquitoes in the genus Anopheles
  3. Sand flies
  4. Ticks
  5. All of the above
College Microbiology
Plasmodium vivax differs from P. falciparum by                                                                                              .
  1. Having a quiescent stage in the liver that can cause relapse years after the initial infection
  2. Being more lethal
  3. Infecting red blood cells
  4. Infecting humans only rarely
  5. a and d
College Microbiology
Vaccines can be targeted against                                                             .
  1. Blood stage
  2. Liver stage
  3. The stage that is infectious to mosquitoes (gametocytes)
  4. Sporozoites that are transmitted via mosquito bites to humans
  5. a and b
  6. all of the above
College Microbiology
Malaria parasites                                                            
  1. Reproduce asexually in most of its life stages
  2. Must undergo a sexual stage each time through the life cycle
  3. Recombine in meiosis only during stressful periods
  4. Undergo meiosis and recombination in the human liver
  5. a and b
  6. a and c
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