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College Microbiology Questions

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College :: Microbiology by MsFloyd
Which of the following is NOT the shape of a colony margin?
  1. lobate
  2. umbonate
  3. undulating
  4. filamentous
College :: Microbiology by drgas2u
what organism causes anthrax
  1. bacillus anthraxus
  2. anthrax cocci
  3. anthraxus roddus
  4. anthraxus spilliulum
College :: Microbiology by Apaullo
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
Which species of Strep are pregnant women screened for?
  1. S. pyogenes
  2. S. aureous
  3. S. veridans
  4. S. agalactaei
College :: Microbiology by Apaullo
Who was NOT an important early microbiologist?
  1. Elie Metchnikoff
  2. Martinus Beijerinck
  3. Christiaan Huygens
  4. Sergei Winogradsky
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
College :: Microbiology by Webby18
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