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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Microbiology Questions

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Grade 6 Microbiology
How do the cells of bacteria differ from those of other organisms?
  1. Bacteria cells need oxygen
  2. Bacteria cell have no nucleus
  3. Bacteria cells are much smaller
Grade 6 Microbiology
Grade 6 Microbiology
Grade 6 Microbiology
Which is true of bacteria?
  1. They have many cells
  2. They have a nucleus
  3. They are eukaryotes
  4. They are single celled
Grade 6 Microbiology
Which is not a role of bacteria in nature?
  1. Production of food and oxygen
  2. Environmental recycling and cleanup
  3. Health maintenance
  4. Production of gas for cars
  5. Production of medicines used to help people
Grade 6 Microbiology
Which is not true of viruses?
  1. They are tiny, non-living things that can enter a cell and reproduceinside
  2. They cannot make or use food
  3. They act like parasites and can live in a host organism and cause harm
  4. They are like living things because they can reproduce and make more viruses
  5. They are made of cells
Grade 6 Microbiology
Viruses multiply by                               .
  1. conjugation
  2. binary fission
  3. taking over a cell's functions
  4. both asexually and sexually
Grade 6 Microbiology
Which of the following is a viral disease?
  1. tuberculosis
  2. anthrax
  3. smallpox
  4. tetanus
Grade 6 Microbiology
There are two types of viruses: active viruses and hidden viruses. An active virus reproduces and destroys the cell it attacks, where as a hidden virus                                                                                                                                                   .
  1. The virus's genetic material takes over the cell functions immediately.
  2. The virus attaches to the surface of a bacterium, injects genetic material , takes over cells functions, produces proteins, and destroys the cell.
  3. The genetic material is injected into the cell's genetic material and becomes a part of it until it is triggered to reproduce.
  4. Only survives in water
Grade 6 Microbiology
Which part of a virus determines which host cells it can infect?
  1. genetic material
  2. ribosomes
  3. flagellum
  4. outer coat
Grade 6 Microbiology
Which is not a function of the protein coat of a virus?
  1. It protects the genetic material
  2. It has the genetic material and instructions to make new viruses
  3. It helps the virus attach to the cells it infects
Grade 6 Microbiology
All of the following are ways that bacteria are helpful to humans and nature except                                                    .
  1. They can produce oxygen
  2. They help make certain foods like yogurt and cheese
  3. They break down chemicals in dead organisms
  4. They help clean up oil spills
  5. They cause food to spoil
  6. They help people digest food
Grade 6 Microbiology
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