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College Evolution Questions

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College Evolution
A state of genetic equilibrium requires                     .
  1. inbreeding
  2. random mating
  3. low mortality
  4. just a few mutations
College Evolution
Darwin contributed which unique ideas towards science?
  1. Environmental pressure causes organisms to change.
  2. Organisms can pass changes on to their offspring
  3. Small evolutionary changes contribute into larger ones
  4. Variation is what allows organisms to change over time
  5. Major evolution occurs slowly over time
  6. A and B
  7. C,D,E
  8. All of the above
College Evolution
Which of the following new changes in morphology or behavior benefits a group or population?
  1. thicker hair to survive the cold
  2. high fecundity rates
  3. larger body size to attract mates
  4. cannibalism
  5. all of the above
  6. none of the above
College Evolution
In a population in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, what happens to the allele frequency?
  1. It remains constant
  2. It changes at a constant rate
  3. It changes slowly
  4. It changes towards homozygosity
College Evolution
What is Physical Anthropology?
  1. Study of Human Biological Evolution and Variation
  2. Study of Past Societies and Cultures
  3. Study of Language and Language Structure
  4. Study of the Human Body and Health
College Evolution
What is Adaptive Radiation?
  1. Species Diverse Rapidly to New Forms
  2. Species Transform Into New species due to Radiation
  3. Neither A or B
  4. Both A and B
College Evolution
Who was the captain of the HMS Beagle?
  1. Austin
  2. Fitzroy
  3. Phillips
  4. Hutton
  5. None of the Above
College Evolution
College Evolution
Aside from Natural selection, Darwin was the first biologist to propose                                                                                      .
  1. Mutations in the genes can lead to new variation
  2. The evolution of species over time
  3. Darwin did not propose anything new aside from natural selection.
  4. Tree like structure to describe evolution
  5. genetic inheritance, stonger genes in parents lead to stronger genes in the offspring
College Evolution
Which of the following is not an observation or inference on which Darwin's theory of natural selection is based?
  1. poorly adapted individuals never produce offspring
  2. there is heritable variation among individuals
  3. because of overpopulation of offspring, there is competition for limited resources
  4. a population can become adapted to its environment over time
College Evolution
What is cladistics?
  1. A method of hypothesization using shared derived traits to determine an evolutionary history
  2. The observation of all of the descendants of a particular ancestor
  3. The analysis of a taxon that contains some members that don't share a common ancestor
  4. The use of common ancestors to establish a phylogeny between one or more derived species
College Evolution
Genetic drift is the result of                                  .
  1. differential reproductive success
  2. chance
  3. a large gene pool
  4. natural selection
  5. environmental variation
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