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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Evolution Questions

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Grade 10 Evolution
Evolution is                                                                      .
  1. process of maintaining homeostasis
  2. process that results in the increase of living material in an organism
  3. process of accumulating adaptations gradually over time
  4. none of the above
Grade 10 Evolution
Which statement describes evolution?
  1. A famous band from the 60s
  2. Enzymes that build proteins
  3. Structure and functions of molecules
  4. The change in living things over time
Grade 10 Evolution
Reproductive isolation is                                                           .
  1. the inability to reproduce
  2. the ability to reproduce only within a species
  3. the ability to reproduce offspring with similar appearance
  4. the inability of offspring to reproduce
Grade 10 Evolution
Speciation is founded on the principle of genetic mutations and                                    .
  1. documented observations of genetics
  2. established laws of genetics
  3. speculated genetic possibilities
Grade 10 Evolution
The endosymbiotic theory includes all of the following EXCEPT                                                                           ?
  1. aerobic prokaryotes evolved into mitochondria
  2. photosynthetic prokaryotes evolved into chloroplasts
  3. all organellese evolved from specialized enfoldings of the plasma membrane
  4. eukaryotic cells arose from the merging of different prokaryotic organisms
Grade 10 Evolution
Grade 10 Evolution
What is the name given for genetic changes in living things over time?
  1. Adaptation
  2. Homeostasis
  3. Evolution
  4. Negative feedback
Grade 10 Evolution
What is a similar structure in different species that originated in a shared ancestor?
  1. Homologous structure
  2. Vestigial structure
  3. Fossil
  4. Population
Grade 10 Evolution
Grade 10 Evolution
Which of these best illustrates natural selection?
  1. An organism with favorable genetic variations will tend to survive and breed successfully.
  2. A population monopolizes all of the resources in its habitat, forcing other species to migrate.
  3. A community whose members work together utilizes all existing resources and migratory routes.
  4. The largest organisms in a species receive the only breeding opportunities.
Grade 10 Evolution
The bird Darwin studied was the..?
  1. Finch
  2. Mocking bird
  3. Cardinal
  4. Blue Jay
Grade 10 Evolution
A single species of squirrel evolved over time into two species, each on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon. This change was most likely due to                                                .
  1. higher mutation rates on one side of the canyon
  2. low genetic diversity in the initial population
  3. the geographic isolation of the two groups
  4. differences in reproductive rates
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