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Evolution Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 :: Evolution by esauri
Grade 7 :: Evolution by Occulus
Grade 10 :: Evolution by naturetchr
Which of the following describe analogous structures?
  1. different structure, similar function
  2. do not share recent ancestors
  3. similar anal openings
  4. both a and b
Grade 11 :: Evolution by Wweber
Breeding cats to produce ony white ones is an example of
  1. modification selection
  2. breed selection
  3. natural selection
  4. artificial selection
Grade 11 :: Evolution by Wweber
Grade 11 :: Evolution by Wweber
Which are examples of a vestigal organ
  1. legs of a horse
  2. fins of a fish
  3. arms of a monkey
  4. wings of an ostrich
Grade 11 :: Evolution by Wweber
Grade 11 :: Evolution by Wweber
Body parts with different mature forms that developed from the same embryonic tissue is called
  1. homologous structure
  2. fossilization
  3. vestigal organs
  4. analogous structures
Grade 11 :: Evolution by Wweber
College :: Evolution by hans4771
Grade 10 :: Evolution by laurenseslar
Grade 10 :: Evolution by laurenseslar
The bird Darwin studied was the..?
  1. Finch
  2. Mocking bird
  3. Cardinal
  4. Blue Jay
Grade 10 :: Evolution by laurenseslar
Darwin sailed in a ship named the..?
  1. Frog
  2. Beatle
  3. Beagle
  4. Dog
College :: Evolution by gigi_reedy
Which of the following is not an observation or inference on which Darwin's theory of natural selection is based?
  1. poorly adapted individuals never produce offspring
  2. there is heritable variation among individuals
  3. because of overpopulation of offspring, there is competition for limited resources
  4. a population can become adapted to its environment over time
Grade 9 :: Evolution by JVance
Sperm whales have vestigial hip bones, and a small percentage of sperm whales also have vestigial hind limbs. Which of the following statements best explains the presence of these vestigial structures in sperm whales?
  1. Sperm whales evolved from ancestors that walked on land.
  2. Sperm whales are in the process of evolving into land mammals.
  3. These structures are acquired by each individual sperm whale during its lifetime.
  4. These structures resulted from sperm whales having a long period of embryonic development.
Grade 9 :: Evolution by sgatlin1189
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