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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Evolution Questions

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Grade 5 :: Evolution by mlampe
What is an adaptation?
  1. where an animal lives
  2. a unique part of an animal that helps it survive
  3. the change that an animal goes through as it grows
Grade 5 :: Evolution by GreggF64
A species that no longer exists.
  1. endangered
  2. habitat
  3. extinction
  4. classify
Grade 5 :: Evolution by smitty6310
Why do animals go extinct?
  1. No longer able to reproduce.
  2. Not a lot of them.
  3. They are dumb
  4. A and B
Grade 5 :: Evolution by smitty6310
What is an instinct?
  1. a behavior an animal inherits
  2. flow of energy through a community
  3. an organism that eats other organisms
  4. without a backbone
Grade 5 :: Evolution by smitty6310
What describes an instinct?
  1. something you already know
  2. something you can already do
  3. something you know how to do
  4. all of the above
Grade 5 :: Evolution by smitty6310
What is extinction ?
  1. last individual in a population dies
  2. a population endangered
  3. acts of nature like droughts or floods
  4. acid rain
Grade 5 :: Evolution by smitty6310
What happens during natural succession?
  1. It occurs in stages.
  2. After a natural disaster.
  3. On a new barren land.
  4. None of the above.
Grade 5 :: Evolution by smitty6310
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