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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Evolution Questions

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Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
Over a period of years, the average rainfall in an area decreases, causing environmental changes. Which of the following populations would be most likely to survive these environmental changes?
  1. a population with the greatest amount of genetic variation
  2. a population with the least amount of genetic variation
  3. a population that has been altered through artificial selection
  4. a population with the smallest population size
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
Which of the following is a situation that could lead to extinction of a species?
  1. increased competition
  2. increased food supply
  3. increased habitat
  4. increased population size
Grade 7 Evolution
Which of these statements is true about DNA and evolution?
  1. Two species that have the same DNA provide evidence that evolution has taken place.
  2. Two species with very similar DNA likely evolved from a common ancestor.
  3. Each living species has DNA made from different ingredients, showing that organisms have evolved.
  4. DNA from related species is identical, providing evidence that all organisms have evolved in the same way.
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
Radiometric Dating is used to determine                                     .
  1. the Relative Age of a fossil
  2. the amount of radio waves in a fossil
  3. The Absolute Age of a fossil
  4. None of the above
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
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