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Zoology Questions - All Grades

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Grade 1 Zoology
Kindergarten Zoology
Grade 1 Zoology
What do fishes use to swim?
  1. legs
  2. hands and feet
  3. fins and tails
  4. face
Kindergarten Zoology
What do mammal babies drink?
  1. their mother's milk.
  2. ice tea.
Grade 1 Zoology
Which animals eat meat?
  1. rabbit, cow and bee
  2. lion, eagle and fox
  3. lizard, butterfly and maoquito
Kindergarten Zoology
Grade 3 Zoology
Which animals can be found in swamps?
  1. Crabs, mussels, muskrats, egrets
  2. Turtles, whales, lobsters, shrimp
  3. Loggerhead Turtles, pelicans, crabs
  4. Frogs, cranes, alligators, turtles
Grade 3 Zoology
An invertebrate is an animal                                .
  1. that has a spinal column
  2. that is lacking a spinal column
  3. that eats fruit and meat
  4. that eats plants
Grade 1 Zoology
Which of the following is a non-living thing?
  1. lunch box
  2. kitten
  3. rabbit
  4. dog
Kindergarten Zoology
How do mammals reproduce?
  1. have babies born alive.
  2. lay two eggs.
Kindergarten Zoology
What kind of blood do mammals have?
  1. cold blooded
  2. warm blooded
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