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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Visual Arts Questions

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Grade 8 :: Visual Arts by KristaJacobus
Which is not an element of art?
  1. line
  2. space
  3. texture
  4. weight
Grade 8 :: Visual Arts by molinger
Texture is
  1. always smooth
  2. never rough
  3. the same as value
  4. the way something feels
Grade 8 :: Visual Arts by molinger
Color is made up of the following three properties:
  1. space, form and shape
  2. hue, value and intensity
  3. texture, line and form
  4. line, space and intensity
Grade 8 :: Visual Arts by molinger
What is the meaning of the art element value?
  1. the worth of something
  2. the amount of texture in an artwork
  3. the height, width and depth of a form
  4. the lightness or darkness of colors or tones
Grade 8 :: Visual Arts by Lahern
Grade 8 :: Visual Arts by puaRyan
Grade 8 :: Visual Arts by puaRyan
What two things does an artist need to show depth?
  1. Vanishing point
  2. Stuff in the picture
  3. Texture
  4. Horizon line
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