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Grade 2 Creation and the Fall of Man
Grade 2 Creation and the Fall of Man
Grade 11 Defining Words
  1. inflexible
  2. attacking
  3. conciliatory
  4. fearful
Grade 7 Defining Words
  1. happening often
  2. hateful, repulsive
  3. endless
  4. firm, holding to a firm idea
Grade 11 Synonyms
  1. firm
  2. uncertain
  3. flexible
  4. worried
Continuing Education Creation and the Fall of Man
Why did the angels bring the animals to Adam?
  1. To teach him about the animals
  2. To have him choose a pet
  3. To have him name them
  4. To show him all the different animals
Grade 7 Defining Words
What is the meaning of adamant?
  1. flexible
  2. firm
  3. certain
  4. understanding
Grade 2 Creation and the Fall of Man
Did Adam sin?
  1. yes
  2. no
  3. No one knows
Grade 8 Civil War
John Quincy Adams
  1. became an advocate against slavery while serving as a congressman after having served as president.
  2. founded THE LIBERATOR, a Boston newspaper.
  4. all of the above.
Grade 10 Industrial Revolution
Grade 6 The Presidents
Grade 5 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 2 Creation and the Fall of Man
Grade 1 American Revolution
Grade 11 Vocabulary
  1. avidly
  2. adamant
  3. predilection
  4. tantalized
Grade 9 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 12 Defining Words
Moderately warm
  1. adept
  2. adamant
  3. subside
  4. tepid
Grade 7 Defining Words
Called forth or gathered
  1. skittish
  2. gorge
  3. summoned
  4. adamant
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