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Grade 9 Job Search and Career
What is the vocabulary word for a person who asks for a job?
  1. Application
  2. Interviewer
  3. Applicant
  4. Employer
Continuing Education Cosmetology
To prevent skin irritation of burns, the temperature of wax should be tested:
  1. on the client's skin
  2. prior to application
  3. after the application
  4. during the application
Continuing Education Java and JSP
Grade 8 Business Technology
Grade 5 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. aplacation
  2. applecation
  3. application
Grade 11 Vocabulary
Grade 8 Business Technology
Grade 11 Job Search and Career
Grade 11 Job Search and Career
To make or put in a application for a job.
  1. applicants
  2. applying
  3. interview
Grade 8 Business Technology
A form used to apply for a job
  1. Application
  2. Resume'
  3. Document
  4. Form
Grade 6 Defining Words
You fill out when you apply to a school
  1. application
  2. consult
  3. enrich
  4. interact
Grade 11 Job Search and Career
Grade 8 Business Technology
Grade 10 Management Information Systems
Business prcesses provide for range of opportunities for the                                        .
  1. Application of Software.
  2. Application of Hardware.
  3. Application of Information Technology.
  4. Application of users to use computers.
Grade 5 Spelling
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