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Grade 9 Atmosphere
The atmosphere
  1. creates the tides.
  2. has not effect on heat gain or loss.
  3. allows heat to escape quickly in order to cool the planet.
  4. keeps heat from escaping too quickly into space.
Grade 6 Atmosphere
The atmosphere is
  1. the layer in which weather occurs
  2. the layer that contains the ozone layer
  3. the layer of water in the oceans
  4. the layer of gases that surrounds Earth
Grade 5 The Moon
The moon's atmosphere
  1. has no oxygen or sound
  2. has oxygen and sound
Grade 9 Atmosphere
The atmosphere consists of
  1. helium
  2. hydrogen
  3. oxygen
  4. a mixture of gases
Grade 4 Atmosphere
Sleet and hail are types of
  1. gases in the atmosphere.
  2. layers in the atmosphere.
  3. air pressure.
  4. precipitation.
Grade 4 Atmosphere
Grade 5 Atmosphere
Sleet and hail are types of
  1. gases in the atmosphere
  2. layers in the atmosphere
  3. air pressure
  4. precipitation
None Visual Arts
The area above, below, around and within objects
  1. Shape
  2. Space
  3. Perspective
  4. Atmosphere
Grade 4 Atmosphere
The condition of the atmosphere at a certain place and time is:
  1. weather
  2. hydrosphere
  3. atmosphere
  4. troposphere
Grade 5 Atmosphere
a tool for measuring wind speed
  1. atmosphere
  2. anemometer
  3. hygrometer
  4. barometer
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Layer of the atmosphere that merges with space.
  1. Exosphere
  2. Thermosphere
  3. Atmosphere
  4. Troposphere
Grade 6 Earth's Layers
What do geologists call the earth's crust and upper mantle?
  1. athenosphere
  2. lithosphere
  3. mesosphere
  4. atmosphere
Grade 10 Visual Arts
A person learning a trade or an art from a skilled worker.
  1. apprentice
  2. atmosphere
  3. pressure
  4. manufacturing
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