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Grade 4 Defining Words
To attempt is to
  1. fail.
  2. try.
  3. win.
  4. argue.
Grade 11 English as a Second Language ESL
The synonym of effort is:
  1. attempt
  2. chance
  3. choice
None Science Fiction
Which of these is not a listed attempt of science fiction?
  1. Future invention predictions
  2. Creating new theories for science research
  3. Social Impact of Human Race
Grade 11 Defining Words
Grade 12 Periodic Table and Elements
The first attempt to classify elements was made by
  1. Mendeleev
  2. Neslands
  3. Lother Meyer
  4. Bobereiner
Grade 5 Teachings of the Bible
Absalom attempted to take over the throne by                                                                   .
  1. stealing Israel's devotion to King David and their devotion to God
  2. fighting a battle against his father, King David
  3. declaring himself the new king with God's approval
  4. all of the above
  5. only a and b
Grade 10 Communication Skills and Public Speaking
Communication that attempts to change opinions or behavior is                  .
  1. information
  2. demonstration
  3. persuasion
  4. interpretation
  5. analysis
  6. none of the above
Grade 9 Communication Skills and Public Speaking
Grade 8 Colonial Period
Grade 10 Exploration
The first explorer to attempt to circumnavigate the globe was?
  1. Hernando De Soto
  2. Curious George
  3. Vasco de Gama
  4. Ferdinand Magellan
Grade 12 Odyssey
What happens on Odysseus's first attempt?
  1. He drops the arrow.
  2. The arrow breaks.
  3. He succeeds in firing the arrow through all axes.
  4. The arrow only goes through 5 axes.
Grade 7 The Frontier

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Which of the following is an example of how the lives of American Indians were changed through westward expansion?
  1. Discovery of gold and silver
  2. Adventure
  3. Technology
  4. Assimilation attempts and lifestyle changes
Grade 7 Modern Europe
What did the Impressionist painters attempt to do?
  1. use light and color to capture a moment
  2. emphasize form and color over realism
  3. portray gods and goddesses with realistic human forms
  4. present religious subjects as two-dimensional figures
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