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Grade 5 Spelling CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.5.2e
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. avaelable
  2. available
  3. availible
Grade 5 Vocabulary CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.5.4
make available
  1. provide
  2. indicate
  3. suggested
  4. necessary
Grade 11 Vocabulary
Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
What conditions are necessary for anaerobic respiration to occur?
  1. There is no ATP available
  2. There is no Oxygen available
  3. There is too much Glucose available
  4. There is not enough Carbon Dioxide available
College Medical Terms
to have access to the blood stream
  1. ability
  2. viability
  3. availability
  4. safe
Grade 4 Vocabulary
Grade 8 Economics
Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 11 Word Processing
A collection of available styles:
  1. book
  2. formatting
  3. style library
  4. template
Grade 12 Economics
This is NOT one of the factors that is used to determine elasticity:
  1. Price range
  2. Availability of substitutes
  3. Availability of complements
  4. Change over time
College Medical Terms
concentration and amount of HIV necessary for infection to occur
  1. sufficient dose
  2. viability
  3. availability
  4. fragile
Continuing Education Drugs and Alcohol
Grade 9 Biochemical Pathways
The energy available in foods can be measured by
  1. first determining which nutrients the body needs.
  2. burning the foods.
  3. tracing chemical pathways.
  4. all of the above
College Drugs and Alcohol
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