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Grade 1 American Revolution
Grade 10 American Revolution
Grade 5 Democratic Foundations
What are the three Charters Of Freedom?
Choose three answers.
  1. The Bill of Rights
  2. The Treaty of Paris
  3. The Intolerable Acts of 1774
  4. The Constitution
  5. The Stamp Act of 1765
  6. The Declaration of Independence
Grade 5 Colonial Period
Who was the King of England in 1766?
  1. King George III
  2. King Fernando
  3. King George I
  4. King George's Dad
Grade 5 Defining Words
What is TREASON?
  1. a type of tree
  2. having allegiance to someone
  3. helping the enemy of a group you are thought to be loyal to
  4. explanation of a conflict
Grade 8 Colonial Period
The Boston Massacre
  1. These acts were passed by Parliament in order to punish the colonists of Boston after the Boston Tea Party.
  2. The event where colonists dresses as Indians and dumped over 340 chests of tea into Boston Harbor.
  3. The event where British soldiers shot several colonists, killing three and wounding several others.
  4. To protect the colonists from Indian attacks
Grade 4 American Revolution
What happened in 1773, when people in Boston protested British taxes on tea?
  1. Boston Massacre
  2. Boston Marathon
  3. Battle of the Bulge
  4. Boston Tea Party
Grade 4 American Revolution
In 1773, people in Boston protested British taxes on tea. This was called the
  1. Boston Massacre
  2. Boston Marathon
  3. Battle of the Bulge
  4. Boston Tea Party
Grade 2 US Geography
Boston is the capital of what state?
  1. Massachusetts
  2. New York
  3. West Virginia
Grade 8 American Revolution
The Boston Massacre occurred because . . .
  1. the colonists wanted trouble.
  2. a sentry was being taunted, and his supporters were attacked, with ice and oyster shells, by colonists trying to bait the soldiers into shooting the shouting crowd.
  3. little boys were kicking a sentry.
  4. Sam Adams told them to shoot the crowd.
Grade 11 American Revolution
Grade 7 American Revolution
The Boston Massacre occurred as a result of
  1. passage of the Intolerable Acts by colonial legislatures.
  2. enforcement of the Townshend Acts by British soldiers.
  3. passage of the Tea Act by Parliament.
  4. the Boston Tea Party
Grade 1 American Revolution
What event happened in Boston in 1773, where men dressed as Indians at night?
  1. The Civil War
  2. The Boston Tea Party
  3. The Boston Massacre
Grade 8 US Geography
What is the capital of Connecticut?
  1. Harbor
  2. Hartford
  3. Boston
  4. Lewiston
Grade 5 Social Studies
What is the Boston Tea Party?
  1. Congress appointed George Washington to lead the army.
  2. The British are left with debt from the French and Indian War.
  3. The Sons of Liberty dumped all the ships' tea into the harbor.
  4. The British surrender at Yorktown.
Grade 9 American Revolution
It was called the “Boston Massacre” because                                                                                           .
  1. a large number of people were killed indiscriminately.
  2. the killing started in Boston and continued throughout the rest of the colonies.
  3. patriots wanted to get other colonists on their side to fight against the British.
  4. Loyalists wanted to get the British soldiers on their side to fight against the colonists.
Grade 12 American Revolution
The Boston Tea Party occurred in?
  1. 1773
  2. 1800
  3. 1643
  4. 2016
None Massachusetts
What is the capitol of Massachusetts?
  1. Boston
  2. Foxboro
  3. Springfield
  4. Worcester
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