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Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 8 Great Depression
The WPA (Works Progress Administration)
  1. built hospitals
  2. built schools
  3. built parks
  4. all of the above
Grade 3 Spelling
Dad built a                .
  1. birdhouse
  2. burdhouse
  3. birdhous
  4. birdhowse
Grade 6 Social Studies
Which of these monuments is the newest?
  1. A library built in 1000 C.E.
  2. A tower built in 1500 C.E.
  3. A house built in 2000 B.C.E.
  4. A temple built in 4000 B.C.E.
Grade 6 Latin America and Caribbean
None Windows and Exterior Doors
Grade 4 The Frontier
How did the miners govern themselves?
  1. They held democratic camp meetings.
  2. They elected a president.
  3. They built missions.
  4. They built forts.
None Concrete Forming Systems and Techniques
Grade 11 Dynastic China
Who built the Grand Canal?
  1. Mongols
  2. Sui
  3. Sung
  4. Tang
Grade 3 Defining Words
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