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Grade 4 American Imperialism
Mark 2 reasons why the building of the Panama Canal was a dangerous job.
  1. Workers had to travel through steep mountain passes and dense jungles.
  2. The river was very, very deep and hard to cross.
  3. Workers got tropical diseases like malaria and yellow fever.
  4. Native people killed many of the workers.
Grade 4 American Imperialism
One of President Theodore Roosevelt's goals was the build the Panama Canal. What was the Panama Canal?
  1. A man-made river through Mexico.
  2. A bridge through Central America.
  3. A canal across the narrowest part of the country of Panama.
  4. A series of boardwalks across the Isthmus of Panama.
Grade 6 Bodies of Water and Continents
Canals are
  1. fertile land
  2. natural water ways
  3. small rivers
  4. human made water ways
Grade 8 American Imperialism
The proposed canal:
  1. was to be open to all nations on equal terms.
  2. was to be open only to the U.S.
  3. was to be open only to South Americans.
Grade 8 Bodies of Water and Continents
What canal connected the Atlantic and the Pacific?
  1. Erie Canal
  2. Cascade Canal
  3. Oswego Canal
  4. Panama Canal
Grade 3 Bodies of Water and Continents
What is a canal?
  1. A boat
  2. A waterway dug across land
  3. A path that runs under land
  4. A lake that collects water
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
The Erie Canal
  1. was an expensive experiment that failed to produce any profit.
  2. failed to connect the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Coast.
  3. passed through the Mohawk Valley and a gap in the Appalachian Mountains in New York.
  4. was the last canal to complete a network of canals throughout the country that served to stimulate farming and manufacturing.
Grade 3 Bodies of Water and Continents
What is a canal?
  1. a human-made waterway
  2. a bridge over troubled water
  3. a river
Grade 11 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Grade 11 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
What is the communication pathway from the outside of the bone to the inside?
  1. Volkmann's canals
  2. central canals
  3. Haversian system
  4. lamella
Grade 4 Texas
Grade 7 Geography
Grade 7 Bodies of Water and Continents
Grade 7 Bodies of Water and Continents
Grade 3 North Carolina
Which human feature makes power in North Carolina?
  1. a dam
  2. a canal
  3. a tunnel
  4. a reservoir
Grade 3 Themes of Geography
A large land area that has similar features.
  1. Region
  2. Resource
  3. Flood
  4. Canal
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