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Grade 12 Personal Finance
Grade 12 Personal Finance
Grade 6 Emergency Medical Services
What is the first step in first aid
  1. Check for pulse
  2. Check for responsiveness
  3. Check for bleeding
  4. Check for his wallet
Grade 8 Word Processing
Occasionally a word processing program will have a thesaurus feature. This allows a person to:
  1. Check spelling
  2. Check for synonyms
  3. Check grammar
  4. Check punctuation
Grade 12 Personal Finance
Grade 11 Personal Finance

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The check number appears on the check:
  1. 1 time.
  2. 2 times.
  3. 3 times.
  4. It does not appear.
Grade 2 Economics
What is a check?
  1. a bank
  2. written permission for bank to pay someone or place
  3. a capital resource
Grade 5 Economics
A written record of money put into a checking account.
  1. bounced check
  2. check register
  3. deposit check
  4. net deposit
Grade 9 Personal Finance
Items purchased to avoid taking cash on vacation.
  1. Money Order
  2. Traveler's Check
  3. Cashier's Check
Grade 5 Economics
Grade 9 Personal Finance
This kind of check is drawn by the bank on its own funds.
  1. Traveler's Check
  2. Certified Check
  3. Money Orders
Grade 7 Hockey
Which of the following is a minor penalty?
  1. Cross-checking
  2. Icing
  3. Checking
  4. High sticking
Grade 8 Sentence Structure
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