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Grade 7 The History of Jesus
Grade 5 Creation and the Fall of Man
Grade 5 Teachings of the Bible
What was Job's response after he lost his animals and his children?
  1. He cursed God
  2. He ran after those who attacked him
  3. He bought more animals
  4. He fell to the ground in worship
Grade 5 Teachings of the Bible
What happened first to Job after God gave Satan permission to test him?
  1. His children died
  2. The sheep were burned by fire
  3. The Sabeans stole his oxen and donkeys
  4. The Chaldeans stole his camels
Grade 3 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 6 Australian Geography
The religion the Aborigines believed in was called
  1. Buddhism
  2. Islam
  3. Dreamtime
  4. Christianity
College Russian Revolution
Grade 6 Islam
This religion was started by Muhammad in 610 A.D.
  1. Christianity
  2. Judaism
  3. Islam
  4. Buddhism
Grade 10 Judaism
Grade 6 Hinduism
Grade 7 World Events
What is Europe's fastest growing religion?
  1. Islam
  2. Judaism
  3. Christianity
  4. Hinduism
Grade 7 Modern Africa and Mid East
Lebanese people are what religions?
  1. Judiasm
  2. Christian
  3. Muslim
  4. Catholic
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