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Grade 11 Motion in Two- and Three-Dimensions

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In the diagram below, what force is required to keep an object of mass [math]m[/math] from slipping off the disk?
Circular Motion
  1. [math]mg[/math]
  2. [math](mv^2)/r[/math]
  3. [math](mv^2)/(2g)[/math]
  4. [math](2pimg)/v^2[/math]
None Power Tools
Identify the tool in the image.
Carpentry Tools - Circular Saw
  1. Hand saw
  2. Chop saw
  3. Skill saw
  4. Circular saw
College Forces and Motion
If a particle moves in a plane so that its position is described by the functions
[math]x=Acosomegat[/math] and [math]y=Asinomegat[/math], the particle is
  1. moving with constant speed along a circle.
  2. moving with varying speed along a circle.
  3. moving with constant acceleration along a straight line.
  4. moving along a parabola.
  5. oscillating back and forth along a straight line.
Grade 6 Planetary Motion
The orbits of the planets are
  1. circular
  2. elliptical
Grade 11 Christianity
A "circular letter" is?
  1. A letter read by various people seated in a circle
  2. A letter written on round piece of paper
  3. A letter written in a circular fashion around the paper to use the most space
  4. A letter written to many people with the same name
  5. A letter intended to be read and passed on among many groups
Grade 9 Planetary Motion
What is the shape of a planet's orbit?
  1. circular
  2. irregular
  3. elliptical
Grade 5 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. circular
  2. circuler
  3. circulor
Grade 6 Context Clues
circular movements; whirl:
  1. askew
  2. gyrations
  3. malicious
  4. animosity
Grade 8 Waves and Sound
Waves that move in a circular motion are:
  1. Transverse Waves
  2. Longitudinal Waves
  3. Surface Waves
  4. Electric Waves
Grade 4 Defining Words
Circular frames that turn on an axle
  1. wheels
  2. frozen
  3. think
  4. asks
Continuing Education Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
What are circular muscles called?
  1. orbicularis oris
  2. orbicularis oculi
  3. sphincters
  4. fascicles
Grade 4 STEM Words
Round; the shape of a circle:
  1. circlear
  2. circluar
  3. circular
  4. circlelike
Grade 10 Three Dimensional Shapes
Which is NOT a polyhedron?
  1. pyramid
  2. cube
  3. prism
  4. circular cone
Grade 4 Economics
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