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Grade 9 :: Earth Science by appier
The year-round weather typical of a certain place is called                .
  1. precipitation
  2. meteorology
  3. climate
  4. weather
Grade 5 :: Atmosphere by escot8ta
A place's                 is the patterns of weather over many years.
  1. temperature
  2. humidity
  3. heat
  4. climate
Grade 5 :: Botany by sage12177
The apricot tree produces fruit for two to three months out of the year. What can you tell about the climate where apricot trees grow?
  • The climate goes through seasons. It is not always warm. It has a cold season and a warm season.
Grade 3 :: Geography by Peritwinkel
Climate describes                       .
  1. how high a mountain is
  2. the type of weather
  3. the population
Grade 10 :: Atmosphere by PMISIAS
All of the following are climate zones of Earth EXCEPT
  1. Polar zone
  2. Rainforest zone
  3. Tropical zone
  4. Temperate zone
Grade 5 :: Scientific Methods and Applications by smitty6310
A tool used to measure temperature.
  1. rain gauge
  2. wind vane
  3. thermometer
  4. forecast
Grade 10 :: Atmosphere by PMISIAS
Earth's three main climate zones are determined by which of the following criteria
  1. differences in abiotic and biotic factors
  2. differences in precipitation
  3. differences in latitude and angle of heating
  4. differences in longitude
Grade 7 :: Atmosphere by annieblue
What is the difference between climate and weather?
  1. Weather is predictable, climate is not
  2. Weather is unpredictable, climate is
  3. Weather and climate are both predictable
  4. Weather and climate are both unpredictable
  5. Not Here
Grade 7 :: Australian Geography by Davis_Latham
The two major climate zones of Australia are
  1. Steppe and desert
  2. humid subtropical and desert
  3. Tropical savanna and Mediterranean
  4. Tundra and steppe
Grade 4 :: Earth Science by teachtn
The North Pole and South Pole are both in a                climate?
  1. Tropical Climate
  2. Polar Climate
Grade 6 :: Bodies of Water and Continents by TSeeger
               climate with fewer than 10 inches of rainfall per year
  1. Desert Climate
  2. Tundra Climate
Grade 5 :: Geography
Climate refers to
  1. An area's weather
  2. An area's industry
  3. How many people live in an area
Grade 6 :: Geography by k_fleurimond
What is the definition of a climate?
  • A weather pattern in one place or another over a long period of time.
Grade 7 :: Canadian Geography by laynecurtiss
Canada's climate is primarily cold?
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 :: Arizona by bookworm0205
Describe the climate of Arizona.
  • Arizona is arid, and hot in the summer, and cooler in the winter. They don't get any snow, and some parts only get a little bit of rain.
Grade 5 :: Spelling by trava
The               states have a warmer climate.
  1. suthern
  2. southern
  3. southurn
  4. suthorn
Grade 6 :: US Geography by Tracy51
The climate of the United States is generally                .
  1. tropical
  2. temperate
  3. arctic
Grade 5 :: Atmosphere by tawauna
What term describes the state of the atmosphere at any given time and place?
  1. climate
  2. weather
  3. precipitation
  4. temperature
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