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Grade 8 :: Atmosphere by tbossu
Grade 8 :: Atmosphere by tbossu
Suppose you live in the temperate climate zone. What would be one characteristic of a humid continental climate?
  1. four distinct seasons
  2. a distinct wet season and a distinct dry season
  3. direct sunlight
  4. little temperature variation throughout the year
Grade 3 :: Geography by Peritwinkel
Climate describes                       .
  1. how high a mountain is
  2. the type of weather
  3. the population
Grade 8 :: Atmosphere by tbossu
Grade 9 :: Atmosphere by appier
Grade 5 :: Atmosphere by escot8ta
Grade 10 :: Atmosphere by PMISIAS
All of the following are climate zones of Earth EXCEPT
  1. Polar zone
  2. Rainforest zone
  3. Tropical zone
  4. Temperate zone
Grade 11 :: Biomes by mrsday
Grade 10 :: Atmosphere by PMISIAS
Earth's three main climate zones are determined by which of the following criteria
  1. differences in abiotic and biotic factors
  2. differences in precipitation
  3. differences in latitude and angle of heating
  4. differences in longitude
Grade 5 :: Scientific Methods and Applications by smitty6310
A tool used to measure temperature.
  1. rain gauge
  2. wind vane
  3. thermometer
  4. forecast
Grade 11 :: Environmental Science by mrsday
Which of the following is almost certain to happen as our Earth's climate changes?
  1. the moon will increase its gravitational pull
  2. humans will run out of fossil fuels to use
  3. the ocean will dry out
  4. average global temperatures will rise
Grade 11 :: Environmental Science by mrsday
The following human activities have contributed to climate change except which one?
  1. taking a cruise to the Bahamas
  2. boating on the Long Island Sound
  3. taking the ferry to Connecticut
  4. paddling a canoe up the Peconic River
Grade 11 :: Biomes by mrsday
Long Island belongs to which classification of world climates?
  1. humid sub tropical
  2. polar
  3. humid continental
  4. dry
Grade 11 :: Biomes by mrsday
Grade 11 :: Environmental Science by mrsday
What is one example of indirect evidence that scientists rely on to find climate changes that occurred in the past?
  1. examining the rings of a tree trunk
  2. measuring the height of a tree
  3. counting the leaves on a tree branch
  4. studying the roots of a tree
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