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Grade 2 Bodies of Water and Continents
Grade 1 Defining Words
A continent is                                                 .
  1. one of the four largest bodies of water on Earth
  2. one of the seven largest land masses on Earth
  3. one of the highest mountains on Earth
  4. one of the planets in our solar system
Grade 2 Bodies of Water and Continents
Grade 7 Spelling
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. continant
  2. kontinent
  3. kontinant
  4. continent
Grade 2 Spelling
Mark the correct spelling:
  1. cantinant
  2. continant
  3. continent
  4. contenent
Grade 8 Industrialization
Grade 2 Geography
A very dry land region (almost rainless).
  1. beach
  2. desert
  3. cave
  4. continents
Grade 3 Earth's Layers
What are the seven large land areas on Earth called?
  1. continents
  2. volcanoes
  3. countries
  4. landforms
Grade 9 Planetary Motion
Grade 3 Defining Words
To act or entertain
  1. perform
  2. brilliant
  3. wander
  4. continent
Grade 1 Geography
What are the huge masses of land called?
  1. country
  2. continent
  3. state
  4. city
Grade 9 Bodies of Water and Continents
South America is                            , with a population of around 387 million.
  1. 6th most populous continent
  2. 7th most populous continent
  3. 4th most populous continent
  4. 5th most populous continent
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. continet
  2. continent
  3. contunent
Grade 2 Bodies of Water and Continents
Grade 8 Geography
A group of many islands is what type of landform?
  1. Plateau
  2. Canyon
  3. Continent
  4. Archipelago
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