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Grade 5 Conservation and Biodiversity
Biodiversity can be maintained by protecting
  1. crops
  2. habitats
  3. crops
  4. factories
Grade 7 Colonial Period
What is the term for crops that are always needed?
  1. plantation crops
  2. headright
  3. staple crops
  4. cash crops
Grade 8 PC Basics
Grade 3 Geography
Why do farmers use irrigation?
  1. to harvest crops
  2. to water crops
  3. to keep crops from freezing
  4. to plant crops
Grade 7 Business Technology
Crop Tool
  1. L
  2. W
  3. C
  4. M
Grade 8 Business Technology
Grade 8 Technology
Grade 2 Defining Words
What does cultivate mean?
  1. to grow plants or crops
  2. to eat plants or crops
  3. to throw away plants or crops
Grade 4 Agriculture
Which way of planting can reduce water erosion on a steep hillside?
  1. strip cropping
  2. terracing
  3. contour plowing
  4. crop rotation
Grade 10 Environmental Science
What is dung?
  1. cows
  2. wood
  3. crops
  4. poop
Grade 2 Map Components
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Supply water to their crops.
  1. surplus
  2. Irrigate
  3. crops
  4. barter
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