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Grade 9 Synonyms
Choose the best synonym for the word.

  1. refuse
  2. banish
  3. fashion
  4. grasping
Grade 3 Pre-Colonial Period
Grade 4 Spelling
Please choose the correctly spelled word.
  1. cusstom
  2. custom
  3. custome
  4. cusstome
Continuing Education Hotel Management and Hospitality
When I am the first person seen by a customer, that experience is called:
  1. Customer Care
  2. Customer Relations
  3. Customer Interaction
  4. Greeter
  5. Customer Contact
Grade 9 Business Technology
Grade 9 Business Technology
Grade 12 Meal Planning
Food customs
  1. may be based on religion or nationality.
  2. are always nutritious.
  3. are easily changed.
  4. are not affected by one's social status.
Grade 6 Economics
What determines the prices of goods in a market economy?
  1. customs and traditions
  2. government agencies
  3. supply and demand
  4. customers
Grade 4 Colonial Period
Grade 3 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. custem
  2. custom
  3. custum
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. custom
  2. custim
  3. custum
  4. costum
Grade 4 Plurals
Choose the correctly spelled word.
  1. costumes
  2. cosstumes
  3. customes
  4. cusstomes
Grade 4 Defining Words
A very short period of time
  1. brochure
  2. instant
  3. announced
  4. customers
Grade 4 Social Studies
Grade 5 Defining Words
Which word means to unite or to merge?
  1. combine
  2. capture
  3. custom
  4. whisper
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