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Grade 5 Musical Notation
In a piece of music, the following symbol indicates:
Cut Time Signature
  1. C Clef
  2. Cut Time
  3. Key of C
  4. Play softly
Grade 6 Musical Notation
What is another name for cut time?
Cut Time Signature
  1. Common time
  2. Alla Breve
  3. Adagio
  4. Fortissimo
Grade 6 Word Processing
  1. Alt+C
  2. Alt+T
  3. Alt+X
  4. Alt+Z
None Culinary Skills
Cut in
  1. To rub or beat with spoon or electric mixer till mixture is soft and fluffy
  2. To combine ingredients, usually by stirring
  3. To mix shortening with dry ingredients with a pastry blender, knife, or fork
Grade 6 Word Processing
  1. CTRL+Y
  2. CTRL+X
  3. CTRL+C
  4. CTRL+T
Grade 2 Properties of Matter
Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.3.4, L.3.4b
Knowing the meaning of the prefix pre- helps you know that precut means:
  1. to cut now
  2. someone who cuts
  3. to cut before
  4. to cut again
College Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
The proper cutting motion is to cut
  1. away from your body.
  2. towards your body.
  3. to the left of your body.
  4. to the right of your body.
Grade 9 Conservation and Biodiversity
Grade 7 Medical Terms
The sealing of cuts.
  1. blood transfusion
  2. antigens
  3. blood clotting
  4. platelets
Grade 6 Vocabulary
to cut apart:
  1. aspire
  2. coordinated
  3. sever
  4. rapture
Grade 8 Vocabulary
To remove by cutting is:
  1. invalidate
  2. skittish
  3. excise
  4. banter
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