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Grade 5 Football
This is NOT a position on defense.
  1. Linebacker
  2. Nose Tackle
  3. Cornerback
  4. Guard
  5. Safety
Grade 11 Circulatory and Immune Systems
Skin and body membranes is part of what defense system?
  1. Non specific defenses
  2. Specific immune defenses
Grade 7 Circulatory and Immune Systems
Grade 6 Spelling
Which is spelled correctly?
  1. defansive
  2. defensive
  3. defencive
Grade 10 Basketball
Walking with the ball is called what?
  1. Defense
  2. Offense
  3. Traveling
  4. Pivot
Grade 10 Basketball
Grade 8 Flag Football
The team with the ball is on _____________.
  1. defense
  2. offense
  3. goal
  4. penalty
Grade 6 Defining Words
Grade 9 Synonyms
quell, check, curb
  1. repress
  2. grapple
  3. dumbfounded
  4. defensive
Grade 9 Defining Words
correct through discipline
  1. defensive
  2. forlorn
  3. grimace
  4. chasten
Grade 10 Sports
These three players are on defense.
  1. Linebacker,safety and tackle
  2. running back, linebacker and tackle
  3. center, linebacker and tackle
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