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Grade 9 Social Studies Words
Grade 12 US Government
College Circulatory and Immune Systems
Grade 8 Democratic Foundations
The political party that supported a limited federal government was called
  1. Democratic
  2. Federalist
  3. Antifederalist
  4. Democratic-Republican
  5. Republican
Grade 8 Democratic Foundations
Grade 11 Civil War
Which party supported the doctrine of popular sovereignty?
  1. Democrat
  2. Republican
  3. northern Democratic
  4. Constitutional Union
Grade 5 Formation of the USA
What political party stood for a strong federal government?
  1. Anti-Federalist
  2. Democratic-Republican
  3. Democratic
  4. Federalist
Grade 6 Social Studies
Grade 10 Reconstruction
The group in Congress that opposed Johnson was known as:
  1. Radical Republicans
  2. Radical Democrats
  3. Jacksonian Democrats
  4. Whigs
Grade 11 Industrialization
Which group helped regulate the railroad industry?
  1. Grange
  2. Democrats
  3. Republicans
  4. Government
Grade 10 Progressive Era
Grade 11 Civil War
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