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Grade 8 Vocabulary
Document is                           -
  1. To give a long speech
  2. One way of doing something
  3. An official paper
  4. A kidnapped person
College Judaism
Grade 5 Vocabulary
A documented account
  1. record
  2. present
  3. habitat
  4. desert
Grade 7 US Government
Cities have                that list their powers.
  1. documents
  2. charters
  3. constitution
  4. ordinances
Grade 7 Vocabulary
Which word means "to provide facts about something"?
  1. Ensure
  2. Increase
  3. Establish
  4. Document
Grade 11 Colonial Period
Grade 8 American Revolution
What it the Treaty of Paris?
  1. The document that declared war.
  2. The document that officially ended the war.
  3. The document that complained about the British.
  4. The document that praised the British.
Grade 8 English as a Second Language ESL
What is a letter?
  1. a piece of paper
  2. a mailbox
  3. a document used for communication
  4. a document used for greeting
College DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Continuing Education CSS
Where in an HTML document is the correct place to refer to an external style sheet?
  1. In the <body> section
  2. At the end of the document
  3. At the top of the document
  4. In the <head> section
Grade 12 Immigration
The term describing unauthorized person living in the United States.
  1. documented citizens
  2. undocumented citizens
  3. undocumented alien
  4. documented alien
Grade 11 Vocabulary
a written or printed paper tha can be enforced under the law
  1. security deposit
  2. legal document
  3. efficiency
Grade 7 Technology
When you are trying to open your document, and you click File < Save As you will                                      
  1. get the document you are opening.
  2. get a different document open.
  3. save your document.
  4. save a blank page over your document.
Grade 6 Vocabulary
Waiver means...
  1. A document recording such waiving of a write or claim jumper
  2. A document recording no such waiving of a right or claim
  3. A document recording such waiving of a right or claim
Grade 8 Word Processing
It is a good practice to name your file                                           .
  1. when your new document is completed
  2. immediately after starting a new document
  3. midway through completing the new document
  4. only when you save the new document
None PC Basics
Changing an existing document is known as what?
  1. Entering
  2. Editing
  3. Re Typing
  4. Selecting
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