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Grade 7 :: Ecology by amavalentin
define FOREST
  • Natural spaces with high density and diversity of trees
Grade 4 :: Ecology by DBenoit
An environment's biotic and abiotic factors interact to make a(n)
  1. habitat
  2. ecosystem
  3. niche
  4. resource
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by sooperspurs
Give and example of how humans damage ecosystems and consider the effects and conflicts that may arise.
  • agricultural revolution/farming practices
    resource extraction
    effects of human destruction

    opportunity for L6 discussing the impacts humans have on ecosystems and potential conflicts. L6 must include evaluation.
Grade 7 :: Ecology by sooperspurs
What makes a tropical rain forest different from any other ecosystem?
  • greatest biodiversity
    favourable climate (hot and wet)

    L5 opportunity to describe and explain processes involved
Grade 7 :: Ecology by amavalentin
The combination of natural resources in a forest (air, light, soil, water) determine:
  1. the size of the forest
  2. the kind of fauna and flora
  3. the amont of eggs a bird can lay
  4. non of the above
Grade 10 :: Oceanography and Hydrology by rivera1437
What does the Aquatic Ecosystem Include?
  1. deserts, land, & grass
  2. rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds
  3. air, clouds, and sun
  4. none of the above
Grade 6 :: Ecology by sooperspurs
Define the term ecosystem
  • an interrelationship between living (plants, animals, bacteria) and non-living (sun, soil, water, air) things.

    Level 4 knowledge and understanding
Grade 4 :: Ecology by MrsRivers1
An ecosystem is                                                                                   
  1. a place where animals go eat.
  2. a place where animals go to graze.
  3. a community of plants and animals and the physical environment in which they live.
Grade 6 :: Ecology by Stodola
An ecosystem is:
  1. affecting a certain population
  2. all living and non-living things in a particular area
  3. an increase in the Earth's temperature
  4. organisms that make their own food
Grade 5 :: Ecology by tawauna
Which is a biotic factor that affects the size of a population in a specific ecosystem?
  1. average temperature of the ecosystem
  2. type of soil in the ecosystem
  3. number and kinds of predators in the ecosystem
  4. concentration of oxygen in the ecosystem
Grade 7 :: Ecology by myanke
A biotic factor is__________________________________.
  1. non-living in an ecosystem
  2. weather
  3. living in an ecosystem
Grade 4 :: Ecology by kelebutler
A rain forest and all the organisms that live there are                .
  1. a population
  2. an ecosystem
  3. a community
  4. a habitat
Grade 4 :: Ecology by somedude
When 2 or more blue jays live and interact in the same area, the blue jays are called a
  1. ecosystem
  2. community
  3. habitat
  4. population
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