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Grade 1 Adjectives
Which is faster?
  1. a turtle
  2. a racecar
Grade 11 Oceanography and Hydrology
Grade 3 Adjectives CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.3.1, L.3.1g
Olympic stars swim                 of all.
  1. faster
  2. more fast
  3. more faster
  4. fastest
Grade 2 Parts of Speech
Grade 8 Heat Transfer
The faster the particles of a gas are moving, the
  1. lower their energy and the higher their temperature.
  2. greater their energy and the lower their temperature
  3. lower their energy and the lower their temperature.
  4. greater their energy and the higher their temperature.
Grade 6 Heat Transfer
Heat makes particles of matter move
  1. faster
  2. slower
  3. down
  4. sideways
Grade 6 Musical Terms
Grade 1 Vocabulary

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Grade 9 Tectonics
S waves are faster than
  1. L waves
  2. R waves
  3. Both L and R
  4. Neither L or R
Grade 10 Musical Notation
Grade 9 Universe
In red shift, the wavelengths of light become
  1. faster
  2. longer
  3. shorter
  4. slower
Grade 1 Children's Literature
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